10+ Steps to choose the right laptop for you

    10+ Steps to choose the right laptop for you

  • 1 Do you just need a phone?

    Smart phones can do a wide range of tasks these days. Unless you strongly need a keyboard and a large display, you can go for a tablet or a smartphone.

  • 2 Understand your needs

    If light & thin is what you need then go for Ultrabooks. If games or graphics are your number-one priority then you should definitely shoot for Gaming Laptops. Meanwhile, if dropping your laptop or eating burgers on it are among your habits then you should definitely get a Workstation.

  • 3 How to choose the screen size

    Fries are awesome but they come with fats that make you heavy. The same goes for laptops, the bigger it is, the heavier it gets. If you can sacrifice size for weight go for 10'-13' inch. On the other hand, if you like big screens then 17'-18' is perfect. If it doesn't matter, 14'-15' is your choice.

  • 4 Budget matters

    For less than $400 you can buy a general-use laptop. Raise this to $600 and your laptop will be able to meet some of the higher demands (you can get 8 GB of Ram & 750 GB hard-drive space). Go around $1000 if you need to play resource intensive games and need a powerful graphics card.

  • 5 Calculating battery usage

    Two things matter when it comes to batteries, The number of cells and Watt-hours. You can calculate Watt hours by multiplying the mAH number by the voltage of the battery. For example a 16 volt battery with 10000 mAH gives 160 Watt-hours. The higher the numbers the better the battery will be.

  • 6 Laptop or Tablet? You can have both

    Yes, if you think it's cool to turn your laptop into a tablet you could easily find one that could be used as both. The problem with those devices is that they are rarely high performance devices.

  • 7 Is it durable enough?

    Do you handle stuff with care? If not, you should consider getting a laptop that is better at handling shocks and unexpected hits. Some models can stop working if they fall from a small distance.

  • 8 Is security a concern for you?

    You should look for a laptop that has a fingerprint module so that you can keep everything safe and prevent any stranger from logging on to your device.

  • 9 Understanding specs

    To choose the right performance and specs you have to know your needs. Rams and processors are like two running teammates, whenever one of them gets slower it holds the team back. A more powerful VGA card is better for games. In short, understand what you need first before attempting to buy.

  • 10 Internet access

    If internet access is your main concern then you might want to consider some of the devices that were specially manufactured for those purposes. The Chromebook is a good example. It has limited capabilities but it does everything on the internet perfectly.

  • 11 Beauty comes after functionality

    Right after you choose the function that you need, you should think about the laptop design and looks. Laptops come in different colors and can be made out of different materials. The stronger the material the better it will be at absorbing shocks.