10th Cloverfield Lane movie (2016) explained

    10th Cloverfield Lane movie (2016) explained

  • 1 Aliens have conquered the earth

    The aliens truly landed on earth and conquered it. Throughout the movie, it was left for the audience to wonder whether this is right or whether Howard is crazy, but in the end it was proven correct.

  • 2 Howard was prepared for the invasion

    Howard was portrayed as a partially crazy person who believed in strange theories about the end of the world. Howard created this bunker to prepare for the end of the world and he was right about that.

  • 3 Howard is a psychopath

    Even though some of his theories were right, Howard is still considered a psychopath. He harms people while trying to protect them and keep them safe.

  • 4 Emmet was helping build the bunker

    Emmet was hired by Howard to help him build the bunker. When the attack happened, Howard locked up Emmet.

  • 5 Howard brought Michelle to the bunker

    Howard mistakenly crashed into Michelle's car. He decided to bring her to the bunker to save her from the Alien attack.

  • 6 Howard locked up Brittany

    Howard claimed he had a daughter called Megan. As Michelle investigated the bunker, she found an old message asking for help written by Megan who turned out to be a girl called Brittany. It became obvious that Howard was locking Brittany, who was reported missing earlier, in his bunker.

  • 7 The movie discusses domestic violence

    The movie also discusses domestic violence. Howard is obviously a domestic abuser and the movie shows how living with such a person can be like.

  • 8 Michelle likes to run away

    Michelle had the habit of running away from problems. She escapes whenever things get complicated and this is what she did when she fought with her boyfriend.

  • 9 The air is still breathable

    Not all of Howard's theories were correct. The air was breathable, at least when aliens didn't use their gas. The gas probably mutated the woman who was seeking asylum in the bunker.

  • 10 Michelle chose to fight

    At the end of the movie, it was clear that Michelle made a decision to fight the aliens instead of running away as usual. This was evident as Michelle drove towards Houston and not Baton Rouge where survivors were seeking shelter.

  • 11 Getting out of the house doesn't solve problems

    Critics pointed out that the movie was using a metaphor to describe the fact that running out of the house doesn't solve the domestic violence problem. In the movie, when Michelle ran away, she found a bigger problem waiting for her outside.