12 Monkeys (1995) movie explained

    12 Monkeys (1995) movie explained

  • 1 The 12 monkeys were not responsible for the virus

    While the scientists in 2035 thought that the army of the 12 monkeys was responsible for the virus epidemic, James Cole went back to 1996 and discovered that the army's only intention was to free the animals.       

  • 2 The scientists were not trying to change the past

    The scientists knew that they couldn't change the past and their reason for sending James Cole to 1996 was to gather information about the leak of the virus. 

  • 3 Dr Peters was the one responsible for the virus epidemic

    Dr Peter worked for Jeffery's dad at his virology lab. Dr Peters hated the world for what it had become and decided to destroy it through the virus epidemic.  

  • 4 Peters releases the virus in major cities

    After Dr. Peters gets security cleared, he goes to major capital cities (Philadelphia, San Francisco, New Orleans, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, Kinshasa, Karachi, Bangkok then Peking) to release the virus and then the virus starts to kill a huge number of people. 

  • 5 Years pass, and people start to live underground

    In 2035, a very few people gathered to live underground, away from the virus. The scientists then build a time machine to send people to gather information about the virus. 

  • 6 There was a glitch in the time machine

    There was a glitch in the time machine that made Cole travel twice to the wrong date. One time, he was sent to 1990 where he met Jeffery and the other was when he was sent to a war and got shot in 1920. 

  • 7 The future already knows Cole was going to die

    The scientists already knew about the incident at the airport, as the event was probably on the news at that time and they knew about it, which is why they chose Cole to do the mission.

  • 8 The scientists travel to 1996

    The scientists of 2035 decide to travel to 1996 to study the origin of the virus. 

  • 9 Cole was the kid watching the incident

    The kid in Cole's dreams (who watched the incident at the airport) was younger Cole in 1996.

  • 10 Dr. Jones didn't want to stop the virus

    Dr Jones was sent back to 1996 after the scientists in 2035 discovered the location of the virus. She meets Dr. Peters on the plane and tells him that she was not here to stop the virus. She only wanted to compensate the 1% remaining people with a cure to the virus in 2035.