A list of payment gateways that work in Egypt

    A list of payment gateways that work in Egypt

  • 1 Clickbank

    Clickbank offers credit card processing for major cards as well as the option to checkout using PayPal. Clickbank takes a high fee compared to others, but they provide a good service.

  • 2 Click2sell

    Click2sell allows you to receive payments by credit card. The account is easy to set up, but each product requires approval.

  • 3 2checkout

    2checkout allows you to accept payments using credit cards and PayPal. However, they are highly not recommended for their aggressive behavior in suspending accounts without giving any explanation.

  • 4 Payfort

    Payfort allows you to accept Credit cards directly. They require a registered document to prove that you are incorporated as a company.

  • 5 Stripe Atlas

    While Stripe doesn't support Egypt, their service that is called Atlas can register your company in the US in a few days then allow you to sell through them as if you are a US company.

  • 6 Nextpay

    Next pay is a credit card processing company. They support Egypt but you must have proof that your company is legally incorporated.

  • 7 Allied wallet

    Allied wallet can allow you to accept all major cards from inside Egypt, but they will have to register you first in any EU country. Your business will run as if it's in Europe, while you are still in Egypt.

  • 8 PayPal

    Paypal works fine in Egypt, but its major problem is that not all online users use PayPal. See why PayPal is bad for business.

  • 9 Arab African Bank

    The Arab African bank provides a very lousy, uncustomizable and unprofessional interface for collecting credit cards. Your company has to be registered and they might even have to see your office before approving you. It's highly not recommended.

  • 10 Payza

    Payza supports Egypt, but their checkout form is not as good as Clickbank or Payfort. You will need to show them documents that prove that your company is registered.

  • 11 Paysky.io

    Paysky is a relatively new payment gateway. They started in 2017 and they are based in Egypt.