Arrivals 2016 movie explained

    Arrivals 2016 movie explained

  • 1 Dr Louise sees the future

    Dr Louise has an ability to see the future. One possible explanation for that is that the languages she studied have re-wired her brain in such a way that she became capable, to a certain extent, of seeing future events.

  • 2 All of Louise's flashbacks are from the future

    All of the flashbacks Louise sees in the beginning of the movie are actually from the future and not the past. This includes visions of her daughter Hanna being born, Hannah's father leaving, Hannah's sickness and death. In the present moment, Louise is still single and with no kids.

  • 3 The Aliens arrive to planet earth

    The Aliens arrive to planet earth but the purpose of the visit is not understood. Humans start to question the intentions of Aliens. 

  • 4 Humans start to understand the language of Aliens

    As Dr Louise, Ian and the team kept interacting with the Aliens, they came to partially understand their language.

  • 5 The Aliens want to help humans

    In the beginning, the humans incorrectly believed that the Aliens wanted to use a weapon on earth, but later Louise made them realize that the Aliens are here to offer a weapon that will help humans. The reason Aliens want to help is that they know they will need human help in the future.

  • 6 The weapon is their language

    The weapon the Aliens are offering is their language which can re-wire the human brain and help it gain more capabilities. As people learn the language of Aliens, they gain the ability to see the future and to see time differently.

  • 7 Louise's time seeing became more powerful

    As Louise understood the language of Aliens more, she became more capable of seeing future events and she also became capable of seeing those events more clearly. This explains why she started getting more visions about Hannah after she interacted with the Aliens.

  • 8 Louise stopped General Shang

    After Louise's time-seeing abilities increased, she saw herself in the future being thanked by General Shang for helping him take the right decision. She used the information she saw in the future at the present moment to guide General Shang to do the right thing.

  • 9 Louise chose to live her life anyway

    Even though Louise knew that she will have a daughter called Hannah who will die at a young age, she still decided to live her life anyway but she didn't tell Ian that Hannah will die.

  • 10 Ian is Hannah's father

    The man Louise was seeing in her visions was Ian. Louise knew that Ian will become the father of her daughter, Hannah.

  • 11 Ian will leave Louise because of Hannah

    When Louise finally told Ian about the coming death of Hannah, Ian felt bad and decided to leave her.