Ash vs Evil Dead pilot explained

  • 1 it follows the movies

    Ash vs Evil Dead takes place 30 years after the original trilogy. However, it has nothing to do with the 2013 remake.

  • 2 It follows an aged Ash

    The show follows Ashley 'Ash' J. Williams who was the survivor of the evil in the cabin some 30 years before.

  • 3 Ash has aged

    Ash has aged and all he cares about is getting with women by any means necessary. He lies to get with the woman at the bar. 

  • 4 He receives a message through the woman

    The woman he gets with in the bar turns into a deadite briefly. She was an omen to remind him that he is still haunted by the 'evil'.

  • 5 Ash actually used the book

    Ash actually used the Book of the Dead, the Necronomicon, to impress the girl who was smoking up with him the previous night. She's the one who killed an officer.

  • 6 Ash recites his story

    Ash recites his story to Pablo who already knew about Ash as the one to lead in the fight against the darkness.

  • 7 The third movie couldn't be mentioned

    The third installment of Evil Dead, the Army of Darkness, couldn't be mentioned within the first season due to copyright conflicts.

  • 8 ash did go to the Medieval times

    Ash did go to the Medieval times where he had defeated the Army of Darkness and returned back to the reality he had known.

  • 9 Ash seeks help translating the necronomicon

    Ash seeks help translating the Necronomicon so that he could take the evil back since he revived it.

  • 10 Pablo and Kelly get Ash to act

    Pablo and Kelly get Ash to act instead of trying to hide from the evil. He saves their lives with the infamous chainsaw and returns back to being the well-known fighter he was.