Backtrack movie 2015 explanation

    Backtrack movie 2015 explanation

  • 1 Psychological repressed memories

    The movie is all about a term in psychology called repression where a person can totally forget something that happened to him in the past if it was too bad or even mix the memories in his mind completely to believe that something else happened.

  • 2 Felix raped and killed a girl in 1987

    In 1987 Felix, Peter's father, raped and killed a girl. During the process, the girl pulled a level connected to the railway that resulted in the death of so many people on the train. Peter was watching from a distance with a friend as all this happened.

  • 3 Little Peter blamed himself for the accident

    Because the memory was so bad Peter repressed it in his mind, twisted the elements then blamed himself for it. Peter totally forget about his father's deeds and instead believed the train crashed because he left his own bike on the rails.

  • 4 Peter's daughter died years later

    Peter grew up and became a shrink. One day while walking with his daughter, who was on a bike, he saw a railroad toy that reminded him of the incident. He stared at the toy for a few seconds only to realize that he caused the death of his daughter because he wasn't paying attention.

  • 5 Peter started seeing ghosts

    Peter started seeing strange patients in his shrink. He reported their weird behavior to his friend Duncan. Shortly, Peter then realized that those patients and even Duncan are ghosts.

  • 6 The clues led to False Creek

    As Peter collected the clues he realized that all of those patients were dead in 1987. This motivated him to go to False Creek, the place where the train accident happened and where his father still lives.

  • 7 Peter's friend hung himself

    Peter talked to his old friend Barry who was with him during the 1987 train accident. Barry refused to talk and days later he hung himself.

  • 8 Peter realized the ghosts' identity

    Peter realized that the ghosts he has been seeing are ghosts of people who died on the train that day. Only one ghost wasn't on the train which is a little girl called Elizabeth.

  • 9 Peter remembered everything

    After thinking about the matter many times Peter remembered what happened. He remembered that his father raped the girl, Elizabeth, and that he is the one who caused the train accident.

  • 10 Peter's father died

    After confronting him with his deeds a series of events happened which ended with the death of Peter's father as the ghost of Elizabeth forced him to remain trapped inside his car until the train killed him.