Batman vs Superman - Dawn of justice movie (2016) explained

    Batman vs Superman - Dawn of justice movie (2016) explained

  • 1 Superman killed many people by mistake

    The movie began by featuring a scene from man of steel where superman defeated General Zod but so many innocent people in the city died as a result.

  • 2 Superman was blamed for the deaths in Africa

    During an incident where a warlord was interviewed by Lois Lane, the gunman of the warlord killed a man and tried to kill Lois Lane. Superman stepped in and saved her but people then blamed him for the many deaths that took place in that incident.

  • 3 Many people started hating Superman

    A public debate about superman happened in talk shows and newspapers. Some people started to believe that the presence of Superman on earth is a threat since this can make earth a target and also because superman can't be controlled. 

  • 4 Batman started feeling bad about Superman

    Batman was among the people who believed that Superman represented a threat to the planet.

  • 5 Lex wanted to create a weapon

    Lex Luther recovered some of the Kryptonite that was earlier extracted from the Indian Ocean. He planned to create a weapon that can stop any attacks from Kryptonians. He explained his plan to Senator Finch but she didn't like it.

  • 6 Bruce had doubts about LexCorp

    Bruce doubted that LexCorp was responsible for dealing with wanted criminal Anatoli Knyazev. He went to a fundraising event by LexCorp to collect information using a USB drive but then the USB with the information he got was stolen by a woman who turned out to be Wonderwoman later on.

  • 7 Superman hated Batman's ways

    Superman started believing that Batman's ways are above the law and unethical. Tensions grew between both.

  • 8 Batman went after the Kryptonite

    Batman realized that he has to take out Superman sooner or later. He went after the Kryptonite Knyazev and his men. He met superman along the way and Superman threatened him. See also why Batman and Superman are fighting.

  • 9 Lex set up Superman

    During a hearing where Superman was speaking at the parliament Lex left a bomb that blew up the place killing everybody but superman. Lex was trying to pull the strings to turn people against Superman. 

  • 10 Bruce discovered Diana's identity

    When Bruce watched the videos he collected from Lexcorp he managed to identify Diana in one of the pictures and it became evident to him that she is a superhero.

  • 11 Lex held Martha hostage

    Lex wanted to let Superman fight batman. He held Martha, Superman's adoptive mother, hostage then told superman that she will only be safe if he killed batman. At the same time Batman was already on his way to fight Superman.

  • 12 Batman was about to kill Superman

    After weakening him with the Kryptonite Batman was about to kill Superman. Superman then asked him to save Martha, referring to his mother, but the word reminded Batman of his own mother. Lois arrived and explained to Batman what happened and so both decided to join forces.

  • 13 Lex created a monster

    Lex created Doomsday  a monster that feeds on energy and that is designed to kill. The three superheroes starting fighting the monster until they killed it. Superman was killed in the process as he had to carry the Kryptonite spear himself to the heart of the monster.