Bloodborne's story explained

    Bloodborne's story explained

  • 1 The Hunter awakens

    The first few moments of Bloodborne are seen through the first person point of view. They are told that they are going on a journey that may seem like a 'bad dream'. Upon awakening, the Hunter discovers that they are in Yharnam, a place full of danger and mystery.

  • 2 The Hunter's Dream

    Shortly upon awakening, the Hunter returns to the Hunter's Dream which serves as a sanctuary and a workshop. In the Hunter's Dream, the Hunter meets up with Gehrman and the Doll.

  • 3 Gehrman created the Doll

    Gehrman crafted the Doll with love and care to be his companion through his endless journey as the Hunter's Guide.

  • 4 Too much knowledge leads to madness

    It is evident that with knowledge in the dream, the Hunter becomes able to see more things that they are not supposed to see. Gerhman and Willem had their eyes folded or covered because they have consumed too much knowledge that they could not understand.

  • 5 The Hunter's consciousness is connected to the dream

    Upon accepting the ritual performed in the opening scene, the Hunter becomes connected to the dream, unable to wake up from it.

  • 6 The Great Ones want to produce

    At some point before the game, the Great Ones ascended to the Nightmare realm, while some were left behind. The Great Ones want to produce but they are unique so they impregnate their subjects. The Great Ones are ancient beings inspired from Cthulhu Mythos.

  • 7 Byrgenwerth Scholars attempt to free Yharnam

    The Scholars attempted to rid Yharnam of the beasts and discovered the old blood of the Great Ones. That miraculous substance made the evolution come to reality.

  • 8 Master Willem headed the Byrgenwerth

    Provost Willem is the head of Byrgenwerth; an institute that formed the Healing Church. He was ambitious and sought knowledge. He wanted to ascend to a higher existence. Laurence, his associate thought that the old blood could ascend mankind to a higher existence.

  • 9 There was a conflict between Willem and Laurence

    Laurence founded the Healing Church through the use of Old Blood after his disagreement with Willem.

  • 10 The Old Blood turned people into beasts

    After the Old Blood was introduced, people started turning into beasts. 

  • 11 The Old Workshop was built

    After people began turning into beasts, the Healing Church founded the Workshop to overcome the threat. It was one of three branches of the church. The other two were the Choir and the School of Mensis.

  • 12 The Choir sought wisdom

    The Choir sought wisdom through communion with the Old Ones which led them to find a left behind Great One.

  • 13 The School of Mensis causes the problems

    The School of Mensis is shown to be the core reason for the problems in Yahrnam. Micholash appears to be the host of the Nightmare that the Hunter goes through.

  • 14 Micholash has a third of an umbilical cord of a Great One

    Micholash has one third of an umbilical cord of a Great One which allows contact with the Great Ones.

  • 15 There are three one thirds of umbilical cord

    The three thirds of the umbilical cord fell into the hands of Micholash, Willem and Gerhman. Micholash used his for a ritual to have audience with a Great One and Willem used his to elevate his being and thoughts to those of a Great One.

  • 16 Micholash and Willem took opposite sides

    While Micholash sacrificed his School of Mensis to establish contact, Willem used his cord to mask the effects of the ritual. Gerhman had no purpose and the wisdom was beyond him. He became a puppet to the Moon Presence. 

  • 17 Once Mergo is slain, the Nightmare ends

    With the suggestion that the School of Mensis was the cause of the nightmare, it is evident that upon slaying Mergo, the Nightmare ends. The workshop is burnt, signaling that its purpose is fulfilled.

  • 18 The Hunter's Dream ends

    Upon ending the Hunter's Dream, Gerhman offers to free the Hunter. This is when the Hunter can finally take control of what's to come. The Hunter can accept or reject Gerhman's offer.

  • 19 Acceptance

    Accepting the offer ends with Gerhman slaying the Hunter. The Hunter awakens unbound from the dream. The sun rises on Yahrnam.

  • 20 Rejection

    Rejecting Gerhman's offer ends up with two options. The first one happens after the Hunter slays Gerhman. Instead of Gerhman, the Hunter becomes captivated by the Moon Presence and becomes the Host of the Dream.

  • 21 Ascension

    If the Hunter consumes the three third umbilical cords, they can resist the Moon Presence and thus, they would become a Great One themselves and elevate humanity to a new form.