Body language of the back

  • 1 A straight back reflects confidence

    According to body language, when a person feels confident, they stretch their back and make it straight. A person who doesn't feel confident might arch their back or curve it. (see the body language of confidence)

  • 2 When a person feels happy, their back becomes straight

    If a person feels happy, their back will very likely become straight. When people feel bad, they curve their backs and slide down in their chairs (See why do we get bad moods)

  • 3 A person's back becomes straight when they get interested in someone or something

    If a person is bored of a lecture then most probably their back will become curved. However, if that person got interested in the subject, then their back will very likely become straight. The same can happen if a person got interested in someone else.

  • 4 People who lie might not have a straight back

    People who lie might arch their backs. The exception to this case is when the person who lies thinks that they are so smart. If this happened, the person's back might become straight as a result of the added confidence. 

  • 5 The degree of the change in the posture depends on the extent of the emotion

    As a person's emotions become more intense, their back responds accordingly. A person who feels a little bad might have a slightly curved back, but a severely depressed person might have a totally curved back.

  • 6 A straight back gives the impression of confidence

    If a person keeps their back straight, then they are more likely to appear confident than if they curved their back.

  • 7 If you keep your back straight for some time, your emotions might change

    If a person keeps their back straight even if they aren't feeling confident, then their emotions might change and they might end up feeling confident.

  • 8 The person who has a straight back is less likely to be assaulted

    Studies have shown that people who keep their backs straight are less likely to be assaulted or bullied.