Can a person grow Taller after puberty

    Can a person grow Taller after puberty

  • 1 Most people Can't

    Most people can't grow much taller after puberty as bones lose their ability to become longer because the growth plates inside them close. There is very little evidence that people can keep growing after puberty.

  • 2 Until growth plates close

    According to Quora a person can keep getting taller until the growth plates in his bones close. In some cases this can extend up to the age of 21. See why most women like taller men.

  • 3 Growing until you are 21

    It's widely believed that the age of 21 marks the end of the period of growth for most humans since it marks the end of puberty for males. For females the age that marks the end of growth is around 18.

  • 4 It differs from a person to another

    Some people stop growing at the age of 17 while others stop at the age of 20. The reason that no specific age marks the end of the growing process is because it differs from a person to another.

  • 5 Some claim it can happen

    According to Livestrong a person can grow taller even after puberty. Physical height can keep increasing even when the person is in his early twenties.

  • 6 Males have a better chance

    According to Livestrong males usually have growth plates that can stay open for 2 more years than females.

  • 7 Very Limited increase in height

    People who claim that a person can keep getting taller after puberty suggest that the height increase that happens after puberty is usually limited compared to the person's overall height. Most of the height increase the person experiences happens during puberty.

  • 8 Active pituitary glands can lead to more height

    Teens with active pituitary glands can keep growing for longer periods of time because of the increased production of the growth hormone.