Colored Gem locations - Crash Bandicoot 2 - Playstation 4

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  • 1 The red gem


    The red gem can be found after you take a special path through the stage called 'air crash'. At the first checkpoint, jump on the crates instead of the jet-ski to reach a platform that will teleport you to another special area where you will find the gem. See exact steps here.

  • 2 The blue gem


    To get the blue gem, you need to complete the stage called 'turtle woods' without breaking a single crate. This includes checkpoints as well. You better start the level with Aku Aku because it will be much easier for you to not die.

  • 3 The green gem


    In the stage called 'Eel deal', after the checkpoint you will find two different paths. Take the path on the right until you reach the room full of nitro. Bypass the nitro then jump through the closed door. That's a secret path leading to the green gem. See full steps.

  • 4 The yellow gem


    In the stage called 'plant food', you need to beat the timer to get the yellow gem. Complete the stage before the time runs out.

  • 5 The purple gem


    In the stage called 'Bee-having', climb above the nitro crates after the second checkpoint to reveal a new path that has the purple gem.