Death Note movie (2017) - Ending Explained

  • 1 Mia wanted the death note

    Mia eagerly wanted the death note. She saw its powers and so she developed a strong desire for it.

  • 2 Mia wrote Light's name to get the book

    Mia wrote Light's name in the book and stated that he would die at 12 am. Mia told Light that the only way to save his life is to give her the book before midnight so that she cuts out the paper with his name and burns it.

  • 3 Mia removed a page from the book

    Mia removed the page from the book containing Watari's name. This eliminated Light's chance of saving himself. Light can only save himself now by giving her the book.

  • 4 Light decided to kill Mia

    Light decided to kill Mia if she refused to give the book back. Light wrote that Mia will fall if she took the book and then die. 

  • 5 Mia refused to give up the book

    At the end of the movie after Mia grabbed the book out of Lights hands, she refused to give it back. Light realized that he must move on with his plan to kill her.

  • 6 How Light saved his own life

    Light wrote that when Mia grabs the death note, his page will be detached then will land in a nearby fire and get burned. By writing this Light guaranteed his own survival.

  • 7 Light wrote how he will be saved

    Light also wrote that a doctor will grab him out of water, revive him and put him in a coma for 2 days. 

  • 8 Light kept the deaths going

    Light wrote that a person would pick up the death note then keep writing down the names of the criminals who appeared on TV while he is in a coma. Light could have done that to prove to the world that he is innocent

  • 9 L probably didn't write Light's name

    The series didn't make it clear which name L wrote at the end of the movie. Based on the anime series, Light will still survive for some time. If the movie will follow the anime series perfectly then we know that L won't write Light's name.