Do muscles make you more attractive

    Do muscles make you more attractive

  • 1 Women like strong men

    According to psychologists, women are biologically attracted to strong men who can protect them. If a woman believes that muscles can help in this process then they might find those men more attractive. See also what makes a man's face attractive.

  • 2 Women like V-shaped torsos

    According to psychologists, most females tend to find men with V-shaped torsos more attractive than other males. This doesn't mean, however, that the man has to be excessively muscular. See also why some people fail to grow muscles.

  • 3 Conservative women like muscular men

    According to a study, women who saw themselves as conservative and feminine found muscular men more attractive. Liberal women, on the other hand, favored leaner bodies.

  • 4 Big women like big men

    According to a study, bigger women usually find big men more attractive than ordinary men. See also why many women are attracted to taller men.

  • 5 Well built is favored over chubby

    According to a research, well built men were found to be favored over chubby men. Women rated the well built as more dominant and attractive than the chubby man.

  • 6 A well built body is associated with good traits

    Many women unconsciously believe that the well built man has some good traits such as a strong will, a good level of persistence and dedication. Depending on the preferences of each woman, those traits might make a man seem more attractive. See what do women find attractive in men.

  • 7 It depends on the woman's needs

    According to research, it was found that women could develop different preferences at different phases of their lives. A woman looking for a long term partner might go for a man who seems more likely to commit. This could lead to favoring less muscular and less dominant men.

  • 8 Built men seem more dominant

    Women are biologically attracted to dominant men. According to a study, both brawny and built men seemed the most dominant to women.

  • 9 Shoulder to hip ratio matters to women

    According to a study, men with high shoulder to hip ratio reported having more partners and sexual encounters. 

  • 10 Some women don't like muscular men

    The attraction process is complex and involves so many different variables. For some women, muscles might not mean much or might have very low weight compared to other things.

  • 11 Men with muscles seem healthier

    Women are biologically attracted to men with better health. Muscular men might seem healthier to some women and so might be considered more attractive to them. See how can a man tell he has high testosterone.

  • 12 Can seem like good providers

    Some women might believe that muscular men can be better providers for the family. Because women always look for men who can provide for their family, those men might seem more attractive to them.