Do people remain conscious after decapitation

    Do people remain conscious after decapitation

  • 1 Chickens move after beheading

    It's a known fact that chickens can move for a few seconds after their heads are cut off.

  • 2 Rats remain conscious after decapitation

    In one experiment, an EEG machine, a machine that measures activity in the brain, was connected to rats' brains before decapitation. The result was a continued activity in the rats' brains for about 4 seconds after its head was cut off.

  • 3 Humans could remain conscious for 7 seconds

    Based on the Rats' experiment a theory was developed that assumed that a human being can remain conscious for up to 7 seconds after decapitation.

  • 4 The brain might continue functioning

    According to one theory, the brain of a decapitated person might continue to function for a few seconds until all the blood supply going to it runs out.

  • 5 Up to 29 seconds

    Some studies suggested that some mammals could stay conscious up to 29 seconds after decapitation, although no concrete proof is available.

  • 6 Movements of facial muscles seen

    After decapitation of a human head facial muscles move in some cases. Some scientists say that those are unconscious involuntary movements while others suggest they are voluntary ones.

  • 7 Facial expressions post-decapitation

    Some people have reported that they have seen faces change their facial expressions post decapitation. The expressions seen were of fear and disgust.

  • 8 Dr. Beaurieux's experiment

    According to Wikipedia, a famous experiment was carried in 1905 on a criminal who was sentenced to death. After the execution of the criminal by beheading Dr. Beaurieux called the name of the criminal only to find him looking back at him with his eyes fully focused on him.

  • 9 Unconsciousness happens after 10 seconds

    According to Wikipedia, unconsciousness usually happens within 10 seconds after decapitation. This number is theoretical because it's hard to conduct experiments on humans but it shows that a person can remain conscious after losing his head.

  • 10 It takes 3 seconds according to some theories

    Many doctors believe that consciousness is quickly lost after decapitation and that it takes less than 3 seconds for a person to lose consciousness.

  • 11 No final word said yet

    Due to the fact that it's almost impossible to make such tests on humans no final word has been said up till now and most beliefs about that matter are based on theories.