Do women care about looks

    Do women care about looks

  • 1 Yes but not as much as men do

    Women do care about looks but they don't give it the very high weight men give to looks. Studies have found that women get attracted to good looking men, however in many cases good looks can be sacrificed for other benefits (see what attracts women).

  • 2 Women can sacrifice looks for resources

    Studies have shown that women can sacrifice looks for resources. A resourceful man isn't necessary a rich man but he is the kind of man who can protect the woman, her future children and provide a good quality of life for them both. Money, ambition, intelligence are among resources.

  • 3 A woman's father can determine her type

    If a woman likes her father so much then she might get attracted to men who resemble him. While the woman might not be consciously aware that she is looking for someone who resembles her father, she might still only get attracted to guys who look like him.

  • 4 Psychological needs determine types

    Every woman has types and those types are usually determined by psychological needs. A woman who was raised by a cold and unloving father might only get attracted to guys with feminine faces. In such a case, the woman's unconscious goal is to be with a man she can easily control.

  • 5 Masculine features attract women

    Research has shown that most women find masculine looking men more attractive than others. Many women preferred men with wider shoulders and faces that make them look dominant (see why women like men with beards).

  • 6 Many women can sacrifice looks for personality

    According to some studies, many women can sacrifice looks if a man is smart, makes them laugh or has a very interesting personality. While women still care about looks, they can still fall in love with men they don't consider very attractive.

  • 7 Most women prefer tall men

    Most women were found to prefer men who are taller than them but who aren't extremely tall. Because women need security and protection, a tall man helps them unconsciously satisfy that important need.

  • 8 Women prefer men with symmetrical faces

    Studies have shown that women prefer men with more symmetrical faces. A symmetrical face reflects better genetic quality and shows that a man's genes didn't undergo serious mutation. This makes the woman unconsciously believe that this man can help her have healthy children.

  • 9 Women find men driving exotic cars more attractive

    In one study, women found men driving BMWs more attractive than they found them to be earlier when they were driving cheaper cars. Social status makes women perceive men in a different way and alters the way they think of a man's attractiveness.

  • 10 Women find men with angry looking faces more attractive

    In a study, women found men who smiled less often and who had angry looking faces more attractive. This was caused by the fact that most women tend to prefer dominant men over submissive ones.

  • 11 Looks alone are't enough for most women

    Unlike men who can make the decision based on looks alone, women need to find more reasons to be with a man than just looks. Because women usually invest more energy in the relationship and child bringing, they are much more selective than men.

  • 12 Not all women judge looks the same way

    While a woman might prefer a man with certain facial features, another woman might find the same man unattractive. While it's universally agreed that masculine looking men appeal to most women, each woman still has her own personal preferences that are based on her psychological needs.

  • 13 Women's preference of looks change all the time

    During ovulation, the time when women are most fertile, they tend to prefer macho looking men. During other stages of the menstrual cycle women tend to prefer kind and romantic men who can be good fathers to their children.