Does the iPhone 6 really bend

    Does the iPhone 6 really bend

  • 1 iPhone 6 is as strong as HTC One M8

    According to US non-profit Consumer Reports, it was found that HTC’s One M8 bent under the same force as the iPhone 6.

  • 2 iPhone 6 is much weaker than iPhone 5

    The same tests have shown that the iPhone 6 is substantially weaker than the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S.

  • 3 The phone can handle typical use

    The tests found that even though no phone is indestructible, it can still handle normal use and is less likely to bend easily as believed.

  • 4 IPhone 6 bends permanently at 70lb (31.8kg)

    The tests found that iPhone 6 bends permanently when a force of 70lb (31.8kg)  is applied to the center of its back. The force needed to bend the iPhone 6 plus was 90lbs. The force needed to bend the iPhone 5 permanently was 130lbs.

  • 5 Some people report the iPhone 6 bent with their normal use

    Some people said that they discovered that their iPhone 6 got bent during their normal use without realizing how they got bent.

  • 6 Apple got only 9 reports in the first 6 days of sale

    Apple said that they got only 9 reports from customers complaining about bending in the first 6 days of sale.

  • 7 Consumer reports said that the fears are overblown

    Consumer reports, after doing their tests, said that the fears of the bending of the iPhone 6 are overblown.

  • 8 The weaker part is in the top third

    Apple said that the iPhone doesn't bend in the middle when enough force is applied, but this happens in the top third. Some people believe that there is a weak point in the top third of the phone near the volume button.

  • 9 Apple said they tested 15,000 phones

    Apple said that they tested 15,000 phones by subjecting them to pressure and doing exhaustive testing. Apple didn't report seeing any bending issues.

  • 10 Some people suggest that bending is all about pressuring the right area

    Some Apple customers suggest that bending happens when the right area is pressured. Those people claim that bending can happen while the phone is inside one's pocket. Consumer reports have said that this is a very rare case.