Event Summary : Russian plane crashed in Egypt - Flight 9268 - On 31 October 2015

    Event Summary : Russian plane crashed in Egypt - Flight 9268 - On 31 October 2015

  • 1 Flight 9268 crashed 23 minutes after take off

    Kogalymavia Flight 9268 stopped responding ,23 minutes after it flew, before it hit the ground in Sinai of Egypt. The accident happened at a height of 31,000 feet. 

  • 2 The Plane was an Airbus A321-200

    The Plane type was Airbus A321-200.

  • 3 The plane split into two

    The plane split into 2 parts. A part near the tail which burned and a bigger part which crashed into a rock.

  • 4 The route was from Sharm el-Sheikh to St. Petersburg

    The Flight took off from Sharm el-Sheikh , an Egyptian Touristic City, heading to St. Petersburg in Russia.

  • 5 224 were killed

    All 224 people on the Plane were killed. There were 217 passengers and 7 crew members. There was no survivors.

  • 6 Flightradar24 caught some data

    Flightradar24, a site that tracks Airplanes around the world, said it received data that suggested sharp changes in altitude and a dramatic decrease in ground speed before the Plane crashed. See what Happened to Malaysian Airlines flight 370.


  • 7 Egyptian Aviation officer said the Pilot reported problems

    Ayman al-Muqadem, a member of the Aviation Incidents Committee, said that the Pilot reported technical problems and that he wanted to land in the nearest Airport.

  • 8 Fragments scattered around a large area

    The fragments of the Plane scattered around a large area covering 20 square kilometers.

  • 9 Demographics of victims

    209 of the victims were Russian, 4 were Ukrainian and one was Belarussian. Three passengers had unidentified nationalities. There were 17 to 25 children in the plane according to reports.

  • 10 ISIS claimed responsility

    ISIS group claimed their responsibility for the event and said they bombed the plane.

  • 11 Egyptians and Russians Dismissed ISIS claim

    Both Egyptian and Russian officials dismissed ISIS claims as they believed it's not possible for ISIS to bring down a plane at that high altitude. See also Why ISIS victims appear Calm before execution.

  • 12 The same Plane hit a runway in Egypt in 2001

    The same Plane struck its tail in a runway while landing in Egypt in 2001. The plan was repaired and was last checked for cracks in 2013. The ex-wife of the plane's copilot, Sergei Trukhachev, said that he had told his daughter that he was concerned about the condition of the plane.

  • 13 Mixed reports about the reasons

    While the US and the UK said they were sure the plane exploded as a result of a bomb the Egyptian officials said that no solid evidence was provided by either countries. See why did Flight 9268 Crash.