Facts Summary : Final Fantasy 7 remake

    Facts Summary : Final Fantasy 7 remake

  • 1 Square Enix announced the remake on june 15 , 2015

    Square Enix officially announced the remake of Final Fantasy 7 for the PS4 on june 15 , 2015. See why some people love final fantasy 7.

  • 2 Official trailier

    Square has released the official trailer.

  • 3 Significant graphics improvment

    According to Wikipedia the game will be built from ground up, it will feature full polygonal graphics and battles will happen in real time instead of the original battle mood.

  • 4 Same story line

    Final fantasy 7 remake will have the same story line and events of final fantasy 7.

  • 5 The game might be episodic

    Unlike the original game the Remake might be released in episodes as the size of the game will be very large. 

  • 6 The music will almost be the same

    The Final Fantasy will have almost the same music as the original game.

  • 7 Release date might be in 2017

    The release date was rumored to be around 2017 however square enix didn't give any confirmations yet.

  • 8 The game will be released for PS4 first

    The game is going to be exclusive for PS 4 but later might be released for other devices.

  • 9 Story might include adjustments

    Yoshinori kitasi , the game producer, has said that the game will have the same general story but their might be some adjustments to make the old fans excited about it.

  • 10 The game will be more action based

    The game is going to be more action based , real time, than a command based game. However it's not going to be fully action based. Also the strategy element ,such as weapon selection and magic, will be maintained. See interview with Yoshinori Kitasi , FF7 producer.