Food labels explained

    Food labels explained

  • 1 'Low cholesterol' label

    Contains 20 milligrams or less of cholesterol per recommended allowance or per 50 grams of food if the recommended allowance is small. The label is found on packaged food. (See how to lower cholesterol without medication)

  • 2 'Low fat' label

    Contains less than 3 grams of fat or per 50 grams of food.

    The label is found on packaged food. (See what happens to your body after one fatty meal)

  • 3 'Multigrain' label

    Contains more than one type of grain. The label is found on packaged foods, bread, grain products.

  • 4 'Natural' or 'All natural' label

    Contains no artificial colours or flavours or synthetic ingredients. The label is found on dry goods, deli meats, freezer items, juices and other beverages.

  • 5 'Organic' label

    Contains at least 95 per cent organically produced ingredients. The label is found on animal products and packaged foods.  

  • 6 '100% organic' label

    Contains only organic ingredients. The label is found on animal products and packaged foods. 

  • 7 'Made with organic ingredients' label

    Contains at least 70% organic ingredients.

    The label is found on packaged foods.


  • 8 'Pasture raised' or 'pastured' label

    Animals typically have more access to open outdoor space than free-range animals. The label is found on  meat, chicken and eggs. 

  • 9 'Raised without antibiotics' label

    Animals were never given antibiotics.

    The label is found on dairy and animal products.

  • 10 'Raised without added hormones' label

     Animals were never given synthetic hormones.

    The label is found on dairy and beef.  


  • 11 'Vegetarian fed' label

    Birds consume an entirely vegetarian diet. The label is found on eggs and chicken.

     (See why do people choose to be vegetarians )

  • 12 'Whole grain' label

    Using all parts of the grain.

    The label is found on  grain-based items, processed foods.



  • 13 'Cage free' label

    Birds aren't confined to cages and have access to open space. The label is found on chicken and eggs.

  • 14 'Free range' label

    Free range means animals have access to the outdoors. The label is found on meat, chicken and eggs.

  • 15 'Gluten free' label

    Contains no more than 20 parts per million of gluten. Gluten is the protein found in wheat, barley and rye. The label is found on dry goods, deli meats, freezer items.


  • 16 'Grass-fed' label

    Animals which have been raised primarily in pastures eating grasses, legumes, brassica family vegetables, and cereal crops (before they produce grains). The label is found on packaged meats.

  • 17 'Grass finished beef'

    Animals have been raised on a forage diet consisting of grasses and other plants for their entire lives. The label is found on packaged meats. 

  • 18 'Light' or 'Lite' label

    Has fewer calories than conventional counterparts.

    The label is found on canned food.


  • 19 'Local' label

    Sourced from within a set mileage from a specific store (usually dependent on the grocer’s definition). The label is found on animal products. (Local food makes people more certain. See why do people hate uncertainty

  • 20 'Low-calorie' label

    Contains 40 calories or less. The label is found on processed or packaged foods.