Game of Thrones Summary : Episode 2 - Season 1 - The Kingsroad

    Game of Thrones Summary : Episode 2 - Season 1 - The Kingsroad

  • 1 The Dothraki head east

    The Dothraki , lead by Khal Drogo, head east to a area they call home.

  • 2 Bran survived the fall

    Bran survived the fall but was still unconscious. Jaime Lannister said to Tyrion Lannister ,his brother, that it's better to give the boy a clean death instead of letting him live crippled.

  • 3 Jon Snow went north

    Jon Snow had the black smith forge a sword for his sister Arya. Jon said Good bye to his sister, mother and bran then left to the north to be among the night's watch.

  • 4 Eddard rides with the king

    Lord Eddard rode with the king and told Jon Snow that he will tell him about his real mother the next time they meet.

  • 5 King Robert talks about a possible war

    King Robert told Eddard that a possible war is coming. King Robert was refering to the Targaryen's and the Dothraki. King Robert told Eddarad about the Arranged marriage between the Targaryen's and the Dothraki.

  • 6 Tyrion talks to Jon Snow

    Jon Snow mentioned that Tyrion's brother killed the previous king and Tyrion confirmed it. Tyrion said he reads much to sharpen his mind.

  • 7 Bran survived an assassination attempt

    A man was sent to kill Bran in front of Catelyn , his mother. Catelyn's hand got injured during the fight with the man. Bran's wolf saved him by killing the man. 

  • 8 Catelyn suspected Bran was pushed

    Catelyn suspected the Lannisters are involved in the accident that happened to brand. She told her son and some of her men. Catelyn decided to ride to the kingsland.

  • 9 Sansa takes a walk with Joffrey

    Sansa takes a walk with Joffrey then finds her sister , Arya, sword training with the butcher's boy using wodeen sticks. The prince challenged the butcher's boy for a fight. Arya interferes then her wolf bites the prince to save her. Arya threw the prince's sword in the water. 

  • 10 Arya was brought before the king

    Arya told the story the prince said it's a lie. Sansa said they doesn't remember anything. The king decided the wolf had to be killed. When they heard the wolf ran away his wife ,Cersei, ordered the other wolf to be killed. Lord Eddard decided to give the wolf a clean death.

  • 11 Bran woke up

    The moment Lord Eddard killed the wolf bran woke up, Summary of Episode 3 - Season 1 - Lord Snow.