Game of Thrones Summary : Episode 2 - Season 2 - The Night Lands

    Game of Thrones Summary : Episode 2 - Season 2 - The Night Lands

  • 1 The King's men look for Gendry

    The king's men arrive to where Yoren and his men are stationed. Yoren threatens one of them and take their swords. The King's guard told him the king is looking for Gendry and that they will be back with more men. See Game of Thrones Summary Episode 1 Season 2 The North Remembers.

  • 2 Varys threatens Tyrion

    Varys discovered that Tyrion brought Shae to the castle even though his father didn't want that to happen. Varys threatened Tyrion indirectly but Tyrion got it and told him he doesn't like threats and that he might get rid of him if he did that again.

  • 3 Cersei didn't like Robb's offer

    Cersei torn the paper Robb sent with the messenger. She sent the messenger back with her reply. Varys read a message from Jeor Mormont who talked about the white walker he encountered and requested more men. Cersei didn't believe and said they have enough men.

  • 4 Samuel tried to save Craster's wife

    One of Craster's wives told Samuel that she wants to run away with them because she is afraid of what might happen if the baby inside was a boy. The girl refused to explain more and Jon Snow told Samuel that they can't save her.

  • 5 Rakharo's horse return without him

    Rakharo's horse returned back to Daenerys' camp. Jorah Mormont discovered that Rakharo's head is in a bag that the horse is carrying.

  • 6 Tyrion exiles Lord Janos Slynt

    Tyrion exiled Lord Janos Slynt because he didn't feel comfortable having a man around who betrayed the Previous hand of the King Eddard Stark. Tyrion made Bronn commander of the city watch and asked him to take Lord Janos away.

  • 7 Theon Greyjoy tells his father about Robb's offer

    Balon rejected the offer to fight with Robb against the Lannisters in exxhcnage of becoming king of the Iron Islands. Balon told Theon , his son, that he will have his own battle and that his will lead it.

  • 8 Davos secures ships for the army

    On Dragonstone Davos made a deal with Lysense , a pirate, where he promised him to make him rich in exchange of using his fleet of 30 ships.

  • 9 Cersei blamed Tyrion for exiling Lord Janos Slynt

    Cersei blamed Tyrion for exiling Lord Janos Slynt. Tyrion told her it was a bad move to kill the Bastard children for the people will hate her for it.

  • 10 Melisandre promises Stannis a son

    Melisandre promised Stannis a son if he cheated on his wife with her. Stannis liked the idea.

  • 11 Jon Snow Sees Craster carrying a baby at night

    Jon Snow saw Craster carying a baby and taking him in the forest. He followed him and he saw him leaving the child to the white walkers. Craster discovered Jon and hit him on his head. See Summary of Episode 3.