Game of Thrones Summary : Episode 2 - Season 3 - Dark Wings, Dark Words

    Game of Thrones Summary : Episode 2 - Season 3 - Dark Wings, Dark Words

  • 1 Bran had another strange dream

    Bran saw himself trying to kill the raven again. His brothers were laughing at him. A boy appeared and told Bran that he can't shoot the raven because the raven is himself.

  • 2 Someone was torturing Theon

    Theon woke up and found himself tied up. A strange man showed up and started torturing him.

  • 3 Cersei was trying to make Joffrey hate Margaery

    Cersei kept trying to question Margaery's behavior while talking to Joffrey but the latter seemed uninterested. Cersei seemed like she hated Margaery.

  • 4 Sansa warned Margaery of Joffrey

    After Margaery's grandmother, who seemed nice to Sansa, pressured her to talk and promised her she will never get hurt, she told her and Margaery that Joffrey is a monster and that he killed her father.

  • 5 Robb and Catelyn found out about Winterfell

    Ravens came with news. Robb and Catelyn found out that Winterfell was destroyed. Another letter said that Robb's maternal grandfather, Hoster Tully, had finally died after a long illness at his castle of Riverrun. Robb decided to attend the Funeral.

  • 6 Samuel came back to the rangers

    Samuel made it back alive to the group. He was hardly able to walk and some started to complain that he was slowing them down. 

  • 7 The boy from Bran's dream showed up

    The boy from Bran's dream showed up with his sister Mira. The boy called himself Jojen and said that he had been looking for Bran for a long time.

  • 8 Arya and her friends encounter armed men

    Arya and her friends met some outlaws belonging to the Brotherhood without banners. They asked them to join them. The men seemed friendly.

  • 9 Shae tells Tyrion she is worried about Sansa

    Shae told Tyrion that she was worried about Sansa especially that she saw her talking to Baelish. Tyrion agreed that Baelish can't be trusted but told her that Sansa will find someone to marry after being discarded by Joffrey.

  • 10 Joffrey asked Margaery why she never had a baby

    Joffrey asked Margaery why she never had a baby from Renly. She told him about his perversion. Joffrey then showed her his crowbow. She liked it and asked to learn how to fire it.

  • 11 A boy tells Theon he is here to rescue him

    After the men torturing Theon left, a boy came to him and told him he was sent by his sister. He told him he will come at night when the people are asleep.

  • 12 Bran knows he is a Warg

    Jojen told bran that he is a Warg, a person who sees through the eyes of animals, and that the dreams he was seeing weren't dreams but either past events or things that are happening at that moment.

  • 13 Sandor Clegane recognizes Arya

    The men who took Arya and her friends let her go. Before leaving, other men came with someone they captured. He turned out to be Sandor Clegane and he told the men that this girl is Arya stark.

  • 14 Jaime was taken prisoner by men of House Bolton

    Jaime grabbed a sword from Brienne and started fighting her. She threw him to the ground but didn't kill him. All of a sudden some men appeared and said they belonged to House Bolton and that they serve the King of the North. The men wanted to take them prisoners. See Summary of Episode 3.