Game of Thrones Summary : Episode 2 - Season 4 - The Lion and the Rose

    Game of Thrones Summary : Episode 2 - Season 4 - The Lion and the Rose

  • 1 Ramsay snow let his dogs kill a girl

    Ramsay snow was chasing a little girl with his dogs. He accompanied Theon with him to watch. Ramsay shot the girl with an arrow in her leg then let his dogs kill her. Theon was very disturbed.

  • 2 Bronn started training Jaime

    Jaime told Tyrion that he is very concerned he can't fight anymore after he lost his hand. Tyrion suggested that he secretly trains with Bronn sothat no body discovers he lost his ability to fight. Bronn and Jaime went to an isolated place and started training.

  • 3 Roose Bolton ordered Ramsay to reclaim Greyjoy's Castle

    Roose Bolton returned back to Dreadfort. He blamed Ramsay for doing what he did to Theon. He then asked him to march towards Moat Cailin and to reclaim the Castle from the Greyjoys.

  • 4 Varys told Tyrion that Cersei knows about Shae

    Varys told Tyrion that Cersei knew about Shae and that soon Tywin will know. Varys told him that Tywin might hang her for it.

  • 5 Tyrion asked Shae to leave

    Tyrion told Shae he doesn't love her and that he is now married to Sansa. He told her that a ship is waiting for her to take her to Pentos. She cried as he seemed to her like he was telling the truth.

  • 6 Melisandre and Stannis burned more men

    Melisandre and Stannis had more men burned during another ceremony held for the lord of light. Davos was disturbed as Stannis had Queen Selyse Baratheon's own brother scarified as well for his lack of faith.

  • 7 Bran saw another vision

    Bran Saw another vision where many scenes appeared including ravens flying and his father walking towards his execution. A voice said 'go north' and When Bran awakened he told his party i know where we should go.

  • 8 Joffrey married Margaery

    During the Wedding Ceremony Jaime told Ser Loras that Cersei would kill him if he married her. Jaime told him he will never marry her. Loras replied saying to Jaime that he will never do that too. 

  • 9 Margaery announced that food leftovers will go to the poor

    During the Ceremony Margaery announced that King Joffrey decided that the left overs of the food will go to the poor. Cersei went to Pycelle and told him the food will go to the kennels instead.

  • 10 Joffrey made fun of Tyrion in front of everybody

    A play was made during the ceremony that made fun of the kings who lost the war including The Starks. Tyrion didn't like that and mocked Joffrey in public. Joffrey poured his wine over Joffrey's head and made fun of him.

  • 11 Joffrey was poisoned

    Joffrey asked Tyrion to serve him wine. Tyrion gave him the wine then suddenly after drinking Joffrey started chocking and died. Cersei shouted for the guards to seize Tyrion as she suspected he did it. See Summary of Episode 3.