Game of Thrones Summary : Episode 3 - Season 1 - Lord Snow

    Game of Thrones Summary : Episode 3 - Season 1 - Lord Snow

  • 1 Lord Eddard Stark talked to Jaime Lannister

    Jaime Lannister talked with Lord Eddard about the death of his father and brother. Jaime wasn't happy Eddard judged him for killing the mad king who killed both.

  • 2 Lord Eddard meets with the council

    During the council meeting Eddard discovers the crown is 6 million in dept. Eddard called for cancelling the tournament King Robert asked for. He said he will have to speak to him about it. see also Game of Thrones Summary : Episode 2 - Season 1 - The Kingsroad.

  • 3 Cersei & Joffrey plot against the starks

    Cersei and Joffrey plotted against the Starks. Both considered them enemies and agreed to crush them when the right time comes. Cersei asked her son , Joffrey to marry Sansa.

  • 4 Eddard talks to Arya

    Arya was still very disappointed because of what Joffrey did. Eddard comforted her and asked her to be diplomatic because her sister was destined to marry Joffrey. 

  • 5 Robb talked to Bran about the incident

    Bran said to Robb he doesn't remember anything. He said he rather be dead than live with a crippled leg.

  • 6 Catelyn arrives to kingsland

    Littlefinger's men find Catelyn and bring her to meet him. Catelyn asks about the dagger and Littlefinger said the dagger was his but he lost it in the tournament to Tyrion Lannister, The imp.

  • 7 Eddard met his wife

    Eddard met his wife inside Littlefinger's brothel. Littlefinger promised to keep it a secret and tried to seem like an aly to Eddard. Eddarad said goodbye to Catelyn then she left.

  • 8 Daenerys acts like a queen

    Daenerys ordered the horde of men to stop. She went alone to a nearby place and her brother came screaming at her telling her she can't give orders to him. A soldier came and hit her brother and asked Daenerys if she wants him alive and she asked him to leave.

  • 9 Jon snow showed good fighting skills

    During the training Jon snow manged to beat all of his opponents. Later they ambushed him and tried to kill him but he was saved when Tyrion lannister showed. Tyrion told Jon his brother woke up and gave him a message.

  • 10 Benjen stark is going to the haunted forest

    On the top of the wall Benjen Stark talked to Jon snow and told him he is leaving to the forest because of disturbing reports. Jon asked to accompany him but he refused. Benjen stark talked to Tyrion before leaving and the later said he doesn't believe in white walkers.

  • 11 Daenerys was told she is pregnant

    Daenerys was told she is pregnant by Irri. Irri was also teaching Daenerys their language.

  • 12 Jorah was told Daenerys is pregnant

    When Jorah was told Daenerys is pregnant he decided he must ride to the city of Qohor. Daenerys tells Khal drogo she believes it's a boy.

  • 13 A long dangerous winter is expected

    Tyrion , Jeor Mormont and his chief adviser were discussing the next winter. They believed it's going to be long and full of dangerous creatures. They asked Tyrion to request help for them as they don't have enough men or resources to survive it.

  • 14 Eddard got Arya a sword trainer

    A trainer started teaching Arya how to fight with a sword. She seemed happy. Eddard showed later and smiled as she was learning how to fight, See Summary of Episode 4.