Game of Thrones Summary : Episode 3 - Season 5 - High Sparrow

    Game of Thrones Summary : Episode 3 - Season 5 - High Sparrow

  • 1 Arya became Jaqen's apprentice

    Jaqen promised Arya to be his apprentice. He asked her to wipe the floors and she got angry. He told her all men must serve so that they learn. He told her inside the House of Black and White they serve only one true God. She then saw a man who looked dead after been given a cup of water by Jaqen.

  • 2 Tommen Baratheon married Margaery

    Tommen Baratheon married Margaery. Cersei was disturbed by the fact that the common people kept calling Margaery's name.

  • 3 Cersei was worried about Tommen

    Cersei was worried about Tommen's attachment to Margaery especially after he asked her if she would be happier in casterly rock. Cersei went to Margaery and told her that she can let her know if she needs anything.

  • 4 Roose told Ramsay he found him the perfect wife

    Roose blamed Ramsay for killing Lord Cerwyn and his faimly for not paying taxes. He told him they don't have enough men to stand against a rebellion and that the Lannisters won't send their army that far to help them. He then told him he found him the perfect wife. 

  • 5 Baelish delivered Sansa to Moat Cailin

    Baelish took Sansa to Moat Cailin and told her that he has to marry Ramsay Snow. Sansa refused at the beginning but Baelish told her she can avenge her family that way. She eventually agreed. 

  • 6 Brienne decided to teach Podrick how to fight

    Brienne and Podrick saw Sansa from a distance. They decided to take another road to reach her. Brienne decided to teach Podrick how to fight.

  • 7 Jon Snow's refused Stannis' offer

    Snow told Stannis that his place is at Castle black. Davos tried to convince Jon to fight Roose Bolton with them. Snow seemed confused.

  • 8 Arya is trying to become no one

    In attempt to become Faceless like Jaqen Arya had to become no one as Jaqen instructed. She got rid of her old clothes, the silver she took but had to bury her sword because she couldn't get rid of it.

  • 9 Jon Snow had Janos executed

    Jon snow made Ser Alliser the first ranger. He asked Janos to restore the castle of Greyguard but he refused and mocked him. After refusing the order 3 times Jon snow had him executed. Stannis was watching from a distance.

  • 10 The Sparrows humiliated the High Septon

    After he was found out at a brothel the High Septon was brought to streets naked by the Sparrows. He then went to Cersei asking for justice but she jailed him instead. Cersei talked to the Sparrows' leader and told him to protect faith and the crown for the kingdom to survive.

  • 11 Baelish told Bolton he is on his side

    Baelish told Roose Bolton that he is on his side. Roose said he wants to read the message Baelish will send to Cersei as a reply to the message she just sent him which Roose read as well.

  • 12 Jorah Mormont Kidnapped Tyrion

    Jorah Mormont saw Tyrion inside a brothel. Jorah tied Tyrion with ropes then told him he will take him to the queen. See summary of episode 4.