Game of Thrones Summary : Episode 4 - Season 1 - Cripples Bastards and Broken Things

    Game of Thrones Summary : Episode 4 - Season 1 - Cripples Bastards and Broken Things

  • 1 Tyrion visited winterfell

    Tyrion visited winterfell but didn't feel that welcomed by Robb stark. Bran was brought in to the hall and Tyrion made sure he is crippled. Tyrion gave Bran a paper which explains how the horse can be adapted to carry him ..

  • 2 Tyrion insults Theon

    Tyrion met Theon on his way out. He concluded Catelyn isn't in winterfell because she didn't show up. Tyrion insulted Theon by telling him that he became a servant of his captors after his people lost the war .see also  Game of Thrones Summary : Episode 2 - Season 1 - The Kingsroad.

  • 3 Jon Snow defends Samwell Tarly

    At Castle black Ser Alliser Thorne ordered a man to fight Samwell Tarly who screamed and didn't fight back. Jon snow interfered saved him and managed to beat all three men standing. Ser Alliser Thorne taunted Jon Snow calling him bastard.

  • 4 Viserys is annoyed the army is moving in the wrong direction

    Khal Drogo's army arrived at Vaes Dothrak, the Dothraki city. Viserys expressed his annoyance to Daenerys as he complained the army moving in the wrong direction. Jorah Mormont tells Daenerys that the dothraki fear the sea and never cross it with their horses.

  • 5 Viserys tells Doreah about dragons

    Viserys told Doreah , the servant he bought for his sister, about dragons and their skulls that once decorated the throne room at King's Landing.

  • 6 Eddard got Jon Arryn's book

    Eddard asked Grand Maester Pycelle about the death of Jon Arryn. Grand Maester Pycelle said it was because of illness and gave Eddard a book Jon Arryn requested before his death

  • 7 Samwell tells Jon Snow about his father

    Samwell told Jon Snow that he was here because his father threatened to kill him if he didn't do what he asked him to do. Jon Snow feels bad for Samwell.

  • 8 Littlefinger tells Eddard to investigate Jon Arryn's death

    Littlefinger told Eddard to investigate Jon Arryn's death. He also told him that Jon Arryn's former squire has been knighted and will fight in the forthcoming Hand's tourney.

  • 9 Eddard meets Gendry , King Robert's bastard son

    Eddard's investigation leads him to a black smith. He discovers that the man working there is King Robert's bastard son. He asks the man why Jon Arryn kept visiting and the man said he asked about his mother often.

  • 10 Jaime refuses to deliver a message to King Robert

    Jaime Lanister refused to deliver a message to king Robert sent by Lord Eddard and carried by jory.

  • 11 Jon Snow tells the men not to harm sam

    Jon Snow tells the men not to harm Samwell and threatened one of them. On the next training day no one wanted to attack Sam. Ser Alliser Thorne knows it's Jon's plot and gets angry at him. Jon Snow later tells Samwell about the story of his birth.

  • 12 Daenerys threatens Viserys

    Viserys was furious at Daenerys because she was giving commands. He refused to wear Dothraki clothes and tried to attack her. Daenerys wounded him in the face and told him if he did it again his hand will be removed. Daenerys tells Jorah Mormont about it and said her brother can't lead an army.

  • 13 Ser Hugh died in the tournament

    Ser Gregor Clegane kills Ser Hugh by accident during the tournament. Littlefinger told Sana that Ser Gregor Clegane put his little brother's face in the fire and deformed it ,when they were young, because he was playing with his toy.

  • 14 Tyrion Lannister is taken captive

    Tyrion Lannister meets Catelyn by coincidence in an Inn. Catelyn talks to some guards and shows that she knows them well. She then asks them to Seize Tyrion because he plotted to kill her son. The guards Obey. See summary of Episode 5.