Game of Thrones Summary : Episode 8 - Season 1 - The Pointy End

    Game of Thrones Summary : Episode 8 - Season 1 - The Pointy End

  • 1 Lannister's men attack the castle

    Lannister's men attacked the castle. They tried to seize Arya but Syrio Forel saves her.

  • 2 Arya Kills a boy

    While trying to escape Arya accidently kills a stableboy with her sword needle.

  • 3 Eddard was put in prison

    Varys came inside the cell of Eddard and told him that Tyrion escaped. Eddard questioned his loyalty and Varys responded saying he serves the realm.

  • 4 Alliser Thorne tells Jon Snow about his father

    Alliser Thorne told Jon Snow about the imprisonment of his father. 

  • 5 Cersei asks Sansa to let Robb bend the knee to Joffrey

    Cersei asked Sansa to write to her brother Robb in order to let him come and bend the knee to King Joffrey. Cersei told her the life of Eddard depends on it.

  • 6 Robb decides to go for war

    When Robb heard of what happened to his father he decided to gather an army and go to rescue him. Catelyn asked her sister to help her son with the war but she refused.

  • 7 Tyrion and Bronn were about to be killed

    Tyrion and Bronn got surrounded by men of the hill tribes. They first wanted to kill them but Tyrion promised them weapons and an alliance that will help them kill their enemies.

  • 8 Jon Snow is attacked by a white walker

    Jon snow's dog leads him to a white walker. he tries to kill him but he doesn't die. He burns him , saves his master and runs away with him.

  • 9 The Dokthraki violently destroy a village

    The Dothraki Violently attacked a village to take slaves. Daenerys orderd the soldiers to stop because the didn't want the women to be slaves. When she talked to Khal Drogo she told him the men should have them as wives not slaves.

  • 10 A Dothraki warrior challenges Khal Drogo

    A Dothraki warrior didn't like what Daenerys did and she challenged Khal Drogo for a fight. Khal Drogo killed him and pulled his tonue out. Khal drogo got wounded and Daenerys  asked one of the new slaves to stitch the wound.

  • 11 Robb Stark left to his father

    Robb Stark said Goodbye to Bran and told him he has to go for his father needs him. The slave woman told Bran that there are giants beyond the wall and that his brother should be going north instead.

  • 12 Catelyn finds Robb's army

    Catelyn found Robb's army tents and went to see Robb. Robb showed her Sansa's letter. Catelyn encourages Robb to fight and tells him if he lost the Starks will die.

  • 13 Tyrion finds the Lannister's army

    Tyrion met his father. He knew about what happened to Eddard and Robert. Tyrion's father asked the hill tribes to join them and they will get rewarded very well.

  • 14 Robb's men caught a lannister's spy

    Robb allowed the spy to leave after he said he believed Robb's army had 20,000 men.

  • 15 Cersei dismisses Ser Barristan Selmy

    King Joffrey started listing his new orders. Cersei dismisses Ser Barristan Selmy and Tyrion gets appointed the hand of the king. Ser Barristan Selmy got pissed of, drew his sword then threw it and left.

  • 16 Sansa requests mercy for her father

    Sansa requested mercy for her father from Joffrey who said that unless Eddard says he is the King there will be no mercy for him. See Summary of Episode 9 - Baelor.