Game of Thrones Summary: Episode 9 - Season 6 - The Battle of Bastards

    Game of Thrones Summary: Episode 9 - Season 6 - The Battle of Bastards

  • 1 Daenerys won the battle

    Daenerys used her dragons to burn the fleet of ships attacking Meeren. AT the same time, Daario led the Dothraki to the city to kill all men who invaded it. See summary of previous episode.

  • 2 Two masters were killed

    Two of the three masters were killed by Grey Worm. Tyrion told the third to go back and tell his people what happened so that they never think again of attacking Daenerys.

  • 3 Jon snow refused to surrender

    Ramsay asked Jon snow to kneel and surrender in order to save his men but both Sansa and Jon snow insisted that there will be a battle.

  • 4 Jon snow was worried

    Jon Snow, Sansa, Tormund and Davos were worried. Jon Snow told Melisandre not to bring him back if he dies. Melisandre told him she only follows the orders of the Lord of Light and that she will have to try if that happened.

  • 5 Davos found Shireen's toy

    As he was walking around the camp, Davos found the wooden stag he gave to Shireen when they were last together.

  • 6 Yara and Theon visited Daenerys

    Yara and Theon brought Daenerys 100 ships in exchange for getting the support for Yara's claim of the Iron Islands. Daenerys agreed in exchange that they support her claim of the seven kingdoms.

  • 7 Ramsay killed Rickon

    Ramsay set Rickon free and allowed him to run towards Jon's army. While Rickon was running, Ramsay shot an arrow that pierced his back and killed him.

  • 8 Jon's army was about to be defeated

    Jon's army, which was far outnumbered by Ramsay's army, was about to be defeated until, all of a sudden, a large army led by Lord Baelish carrying the flags of the Arryn House appeared. 

  • 9 Ramsay's army was defeated

    Ramsay's army was defeated. Ramsay and the rest of the men retreated to the castle.

  • 10 Jon's men took over the castle

    The gaint died after opening the door to the men who rushed inside the castle and took it. Jon kept hitting Ramsay with punches until he fell unconscious.

  • 11 Sansa fed Ramsay to his dogs

    Sansa asked Jon Snow about the location of Ramsay then she unleashed his own starved dogs on him. Ramsay told her they will never attack him but they did.