How Battlefield companion app is useful

    How Battlefield companion app is useful

  • 1 It's accessible

    The Battlefield app is a companion app on mobile phones. It's easy to download and to access.

  • 2 It's compatible with BF1 and BF4

    The companion app is compatible with Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 4; the two latest games in the franchise.

  • 3 It shows your stats

    Battlefield companion app allows you to see your stats, including the ones that you wouldn't be able to see in the game itself. It shows you which weapon you use best, the number of headshots, which kind of class is best for you, and the game mode that you play best.

  • 4 It's essential for BF1

    The interface system of Battlefield 1 is very good; however, users still aren't used to it. The app makes it a lot easier to access everything you need.

  • 5 It shows online friends

    The companion app shows which friends are online and which Battlefield game they are playing. You can also turn notifications on to know when your friends are playing so you'd join them in the multiplayer.

  • 6 It allows emblem creation

    One of the best aspects of the Battlefield companion app is the emblem creation. You can create an emblem there to show to your enemies after killing them.

  • 7 You can purchase weapons on it

    Battlefield companion app is best for purchasing weapons with warbands from the mobile rather than having to get into a game just to buy weapons. It goes through the classes and changes the weapons you want to change with ease.