How Flappy bird started

    How Flappy bird started

  • 1 Dong Nguyen was passionate about video games

    When Dong Nguyen was a kid he was passionate about video games. He used to play games such as super Mario. See why super Mario became popular.

  • 2 Dong Nguyen became passionate about programming

    Dong learned programming at a young age and became passionate about it. He started coding his own games when he was 16 years old.

  • 3 Dong got an internship in a video games company

    Dong won an internship in one of the video games companies in Vietnam. 

  • 4 Dong realized that most iPhone games are complex

    Dong realized that most popular iPhone games are too complex for users. He decided to create a simple game for people on the move. See why simpler products are more likely to succeed.

  • 5 Dong created Flappy bird in 3 days

    It took dong only 3 days to create Flappy bird. According to Wikipedia The bird character was taken from a cancelled Game. The gameplay was inspired by the act of bouncing a ping pong ball.

  • 6 Dong had to increase difficulty

    Dong found the initial version boring so he decided to make the game more more difficult.

  • 7 The game was originally called Flap Flap

    After dong realized that there was another game called Flap Flap he changed the name of his Game to Flappy bird.

  • 8 Flappy bird remained unknown for months

    Flappy bird remained relatively unknown for months after it was released.

  • 9 The App gained traction

    Flappy bird started rising in ranks pushed by the comments of frustrated players who couldn't beat the game. See why did Flappy bird get popular.

  • 10 Flappy bird was released on Android

    Flappy bird was released on Android in January 2014. The game became extremely popular on Android within a week.