How Gopro started

    How Gopro started

  • 1 Nick woodman couldn't capture high quality photos of his surfing

    In 2002, Nick Woodman went to a surfing trip in Australia. He couldn't find a way to capture high quality photos of his surfing. He then thought about creating a professional camera than could get the Job done (see Why is Gopro so popular)




  • 2 Woodman sold bead and shell belts to finance the project

    Woodman started selling selling bead and shell belts out of his van. His parents also gave him more than $200,000 to start with.

  • 3 He locked himself up to build a protoype

    Woodman locked himself up and used to work up to 18 hours a day. He found a good prototype in china that he could license as his own. He contacted the manufacturer and sent them his desired modifications.

  • 4 The first version was ready in 2004

    After 2 years, the first product was ready. In September 2004 woodman sold his first product at an action-sports trade show in San Diego.

  • 5 GoPro grossed $350,000 in its first full year of sales

    Gopro was so well received that in the first year the company made more than $350,000 in sales .

  • 6 In 2010 Best buy began carrying Gopro

    Gopro got another strong push when Best buy began carrying it in 2010 .

  • 7 In 2011 Gopro got more than $80 million from venture capitalists

    Woodman wanted to keep the company private for as long as he could. By 2011 he got around $88 million of funds from different venture capital firms.

  • 8 Gopro expanded beyond its niche

    Gopro expanded beyond its niche. It was no longer a camera for sports professionals only but it was adopted by mass population.

  • 9 The Social media boom pushed Gopro further

    The social media Boom helped Gopro become popular as people started sharing their underwater pictures and videos on social media .

  • 10 In 2012 the company grossed 521 million

    In 2012 Gopro sold 2.3 million cameras and gropped more than 520 million dollars .

  • 11 In 2013 Gopro had more than 30% of camcorder market share

    In 2013 IDC reported that Gopro exceeded Sony's 20% market share and reached the 30% milestone .