How Instagram started

  • 1 Kevin was wokring at

    Kevin Systrom was working as a product manager in nextstop , a travel recommendation startup.

  • 2 Kevin was inspired by Foursquare and Mafiawars

    Kevin Systrom , Instagram founder, wanted to build an App that combines features from both Foursqare and Mafiawars as he was inspired by them both. See how Zynga started.

  • 3 Kevin built the App Burbn

    Kevin created the App called Burbn which allowed people to check in to locations and make plans with friends.

  • 4 Kevin raised $500,000 dollars

    Kevin left his job and managed to raise $500,000 dollars from Baseline and Andreessen Horowitz.

  • 5 Kevin hired Mike Krieger

    Kevin hired Mike Krieger who later became one of the Co-founders of Instagram. See Why Instagram is popular.

  • 6 The founders believed the App was cluttered

    The founders believed that the App was cluttered and full of features. They wanted to simplify it so they decided to focus on the most popular feature which was the images feature. See why Simple products succeed.

  • 7 Instagram was born

    After striping down the unneeded features the founders called the new App Instagram which stands for Instant Telegram. See Why Instagram is bad for your mental health.

  • 8 The App was launched in October 2010

    Instagram was launched in October 2010 and within minutes it had 10,000 downloads.

  • 9 Within a week Instagram had 100,000 downloads

    Within 1 week Instagram was downloaded 100,000 times and within 2 weeks there were 200,000 downloads. See also Why Instagram is bad for your mental health.

  • 10 In December the App reached 1 million downloads

    By Mid December Instagram had more than 1 million downloads. 

  • 11 In February 2011 the App raised $7 Million

    In February 2011 Instagram became worth around $20 million as it raised $7 million in series A financing. See why celebrities use Instagram.

  • 12 On April 9, 2012 Facebook bought Instagram for $1 Billion

    On April 9 2012, only 18 month after Instagram was founded, it was bought by Facebook for $1 billion dollars. See Why Facebook bought Instagram.