How Larry Ellison started Oracle

    How Larry Ellison started Oracle

  • 1 Larry Ellison dropped out of college twice

    Larry Ellison , Oracle's founder, dropped out of two different colleges before deciding to be a programmer.

  • 2 Larry Ellison worked as a programmer

    Larry Ellison, the founder of oracle, worked as programmer after dropping out of college twice. He started as a part timer then moved between companies doing the same job.

  • 3 Larry left his job and decided to start his own company

    Larry founded Software Development Laboratories in 1977 and his investment was just $1200. 

  • 4 Ellison read a paper about relational database and liked it

    According to Wikipedia Elisson got inspired by an IBM research paper written about relational databases which was a new thing back then.

  • 5 Larry believed relational databases will boom

    Larry believed that IBM didn't really understand how important relational databases are going to be and so he decided to start a product based on them.

  • 6 Oracle got its name

    Larry used to work at a company called Ampex corporation. He used to work on a project for the CIA in Ampex which was called Oracle. Oracle got it's name from that project.

  • 7 Oracle version 1 was completed in 1978

    Oracle version 1 was completed in 1978 but it was never officially released.

  • 8 The company won a contract to build a database for the CIA

    Larry's company won a contract to build a relational database for the CIA. 

  • 9 The first official version was called version 2

    In an interview Larry Elisson said that the first version of software his company released was called version 2 because he believed no one would be interested in buying version 1 of anything.

  • 10 Oracle went public in 1986

    In 1986 Oracle went public with a profit of $55 Million.