How PlayStation VR feels like

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  • 1 You can look in all directions

    With the PSVR, you can look at any direction and still see the game's environment. Looking above you, for example, can let you see the sky in the game or other elements.

  • 2 You experience the game from the inside

    When you wear the PSVR, you experience the game from the inside. You'd be watching everything from within the game's environment as if you traveled to the game's world. See also how virtual reality feels like.

  • 3 You see objects in 3D

    Objects appear in 3D format in the VR environment. It's as if you are using your normal sight to see normal objects around you. See how virtual reality affects the brain.

  • 4 Objects can be very large

    When wearing the PlayStation VR, you will see many objects in their real size and sometimes bigger. A human in the game might be of the same size in reality or even bigger. Giants and monsters can be huge in size.

  • 5 Motion controllers represent your hands

    In many VR games, the motion controllers detect your hands in such a way that moving your hands in real life will result in letting you see your hands moving in the game. Technically, you will be able to move your virtual hand in VR by moving your hand in real life.

  • 6 You interact with virtual objects

    Using the motion controllers, you can interact with virtual objects in the game using your real hands. For example, in Arkham VR you can pick up a gun from the virtual table using your real hands and place it in your virtual gun belt near your real stomach. See also problems with PSVR.

  • 7 You become the first person

    In traditional first person games, you just see the hands of the person. In Playstation VR, you become the first person. When you look down, in some games, you can see your body. Your virtual hands represent your real hands and so you feel like you are the first person.

  • 8 Totally immersive experience

    The PSVR experience is totally immersive. You will forget about your surroundings, concerns and the real world as long as the game you are playing is interesting.

  • 9 The sound will seem so real

    The 3D sound, which can be heard when you use the PS headsets that come with the headset, is very real. You will feel that the sound is coming from the place you are in.

  • 10 It can get very scary

    Some VR games can get extremely scary because of the size of the monsters, the fact that they can come close to you or even appear on one of your sides. Blood rush is an example of a game that contains very scary moments.

  • 11 The wires can be annoying

    One of the biggest problems with the PSVR is the many wires it uses. The main wire of the headset, the headphone wire and the controller wire in case you are charging it can make moving hard.

  • 12 You might lose your sense of direction

    Some people lose their sense of direction when playing VR games. After taking off the headset, you might find yourself giving your back to the TV or that you moved to a different place in your room. See why some people think VR will fail.

  • 13 Can cause serious motion sickness

    Some people experience very serious motion sickness with PSVR, especially with games that involve fast movements. The motion sickness can be anything from slight to severe.