How Virtual Reality glasses work

    How Virtual Reality glasses work

  • 1 It's based on lenses

    The VR concept is based on the simple concepts of how lenses bend light. When lenses are placed in a certain way, they can resemble the real 3D image the eyes see.

  • 2 Each human eye sees a certain angle

    Each human eyes see things from a certain angle. Try to close one eye and you will see the difference. Do the same for the other eye. The VR uses the same concept, but instead, the lenses take the place of the human eye to construct 3D images.

  • 3 Two images are used

    You will notice that all VR images are composed of two identical images. Because you have two eyes that help you see the world in 3D, VR uses the same concept to let your eyes see 3D images. 

  • 4 Why you see objects in 3D

    Because of the way the light falls on the lens of the human eye, after being modified by the VR lens, the rays seem to be coming from a far place and so the objects appear distant.

  • 5 Motion tracking option

    Some of the advanced VR sets have motion tracking features that allow the VR set to detect the movement of your head and so construct a different image accordingly. This is why you can see your surroundings while wearing a VR headset.

  • 6 Image source

    The images source can come from different devices. A person can connect his mobile phone or PC to his VR headset and see the display in 3D.

  • 7 The content must support VR

    The content the user is seeing might be supporting the VR technology by having two different images displayed at the same time. See why Facebook bought Oculus rift for $2 Billion.