How Wikipedia started

    How Wikipedia started

  • 1 Jimmy Wales started Nupedia

    Jimmy Wales , Wikipedia's founder, started Nupedia which is a project similar to Wikipedia and had the goal of being an online encyclopedia, See Interview with Jimmy wales

  • 2 Nupedia Didn't work because of bureaucracy

    After sometime Nupedia only had 25 approved pages as the editing process was so slow and strict.

  • 3 Jimmy Wales thought the Wiki Model could work

    Jimmy wales thought the Wiki model , where any person can write or edit, might work if applied to a new encyclopedia, See why people contribute to free sites.

  • 4 Wikipedia was started in 2001

    According to Wikipedia the site was started in 2001 by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger.

  • 5 Jimmy Wales made the first edit in Jan 2001

    In 16th January 2001 Jimmy Wales made the first Wikipedia Entry. It was 'Hello World'

  • 6 By may 2001 Wikipedia has 3,900 articles

    Wikipedia grew very fast as a result of Google's traffic and by may 2001 it had 3,900 articles, See Why Wikipedia is losing Google traffic.

  • 7 Wikipedia had many languages in 2001

    In around March 2001 Wikipedia started including articles from other languages such as German and Japanese, See why we Speak different languages.

  • 8 Wikipedia had 20,000 after one year

    After one year Wikipedia has around 20,000 articles.

  • 9 In March 2002 Larry Sanger Left

    As a result of the dot com crash Larry Sanger left Wikipedia in March 2002.

  • 10 In 2003 the English section had 10,000 articles

    By 2003 the English section of Wikipedia bypassed 100,000 articles.

  • 11 By the end of 2004 Wikipedia had 1 million pages

    By the End of 2004 Wikipedia had more than 1 million entries in 100 different languages.

  • 12 Wikipedia Celebrated 1 billionth Edit

    As Wikipedia kept growing by 2010 it celebrated 1 billionth Edit, See Why Wikipedia is non profit.