How Wonder Woman made DCEU successful

    How Wonder Woman made DCEU successful

  • 1 The main character is a woman

    One of the main reasons why so many people like the Wonder Woman movie is because the lead character is a woman.

  • 2 It is a feminist movie

    The movie takes the step that comic book movies have missed for a long time, which is giving a lead female character the respect she deserves without any sort of sexism.

  • 3 It set a lighter tone to the universe

    The DC Extended Universe has been heavily criticized for its dark tone. However, Wonder Woman gives a much lighter tone to the universe as a whole.

  • 4 It's Wonder Woman's origin story

    Wonder Woman has been overlooked many times during the previous DC periods even though she is one of the most beloved and well-known characters of the universe.

  • 5 It's a complete story

    The movie presents a full story with a proper ending and a villain never before seen on screen for the DC universe.

  • 6 It is set as an origin story

    The movie was set to be Wonder Woman's origin story, which explains a lot to the new audience about Wonder Woman and who she is.

  • 7 It is set during World War I

    The movie takes place during World War I, which makes it unique in terms of comic book movies, as it involves real history events.

  • 8 The fight scenes were good

    The fight scenes of the movie were good, as they were plenty and they had good graphics and good cinematography. They introduced new elements that were not shown in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

  • 9 The actors were well picked

    The actors and lead actress were all well picked for their roles. They brought characters that were not seen before on screen to life and they became loved by the fans, according to audiences worldwide.