Answer Summary: How Angry Birds Started?

    Answer Summary: How Angry Birds Started?

  • 1 3 Guys started a gaming company

    In 2003 three guys started a gaming company called Rovio with the goal of making interesting games.

  • 2 The company made many games

    The company made many games but it was barley surviving as non of them became a hit.

  • 3 The company made 51 games

    According to funders and founders the company created 51 games but none of them brought it enough success.

  • 4 The iPhone came out

    When the iphone game out the founders believed it would be a good idea to make games for the new popular device. See also why people love iPhones.

  • 5 Rovio was about to go bankrupt

    In 2009 Rovio was about to go bankrupt as it didn't have any big hit yet.

  • 6 An employee made interesting sketches

    A developer in the company created sketches for the angry birds characters. He showed them to the rest of the company and they instantly liked them.

  • 7 The Employees tried to create a game

    The Employees tried to create an interesting game based on those characters. After some trials they came up with angry birds.

  • 8 It took 8 months to perfect the game

    It the company 8 months and lots of changes to perfect the game.

  • 9 The game was released in December 2009

    Rovio released Angry birds in December 2009.

  • 10 The game became an overnight success

    The game started topping charts as soon as it was released then it gained massive popularity fast. See why Angry birds got so popular.

  • 11 More than 2 billion downloads

    According to Wikipedia the game has achieved more than 2 Billion downloads as of July 2015. See how Flappy bird started.