How classes work in Battlefield 1

    How classes work in Battlefield 1

  • 1 Assault

    Assault is best for close-quarters match-ups. Assault has shotguns and SMGs, along with a set of equipment for destroying artillery.

  • 2 Medics

    Medics are best for medium-range match-ups. Medics are equipped with assault rifles, syringes to revive dead teammates and med-kits. They can also repair vehicles.

  • 3 Support

    Support is great for close to mid-range match-ups. The LMGs in the class are great for suppressing enemies and providing support to teammates. The support class also provides mortars and ammo-packs to supply oneself and teammates.

  • 4 Scouts

    Scouts are best at long range. Scouts are great for sniping enemies at a distance. They also have stealthier weapons than the rest of the classes like tripwire bombs and K-bullets.

  • 5 Pilot

    Pilots are provided with a sawed-off shotgun as the main weapon. They also come with repair tools and flare-guns.

  • 6 Tanker

    Tankers are provided with extended pistols as their primary weapons. They also come with repair tools and anti-tank grenades.

  • 7 Cavalry

    Cavalry are a new class for the series; mounting horses. They come loaded with a rifle, a light anti-tank grenade and an ammo-kit. They also come with the cavalry sword which can easily kill an enemy with one swing.

  • 8 Sentry

    The sentry comes with a hefty armor and a massive machine gun. It can even tear down infantry without a problem but they can't aim down-sights. They are best for medium and close range encounters.

  • 9 Tank Hunter

    The Tank Hunter comes with a massive anti-infantry gun that can only be used while mounted or while prone due to the weight of the gun. The class is meant for infantry encounters.

  • 10 Flame Trooper

    The Flame Trooper is deadly at close range even to infantry. He comes packed with a medium-armor and a gas-mask for close encounters along with a flame-thrower that can devastate the enemy-team.