How did Tinder gain traction fast

    How did Tinder gain traction fast

  • 1 It started with a small community

    Since Tinder works based on finding nearby users the founders started by launching it inside a campus. Marketing inside the campus was relatively easily and it also allowed the app to have users who are located close to eachother fast.

  • 2 They targeted other campuses

    Tinder used the same strategy Facebook used when it first launched. It targeted campuses and as a result managed to have a small user base in many areas. See how Facebook gained Initial traction.

  • 3 They focused on women first

    According to growthhackers, the founders focused on getting women to join the app first since they are the ones who result in creating a demand for the app. By doing so they solved the chicken or egg problem.

  • 4 Targeted influential people

    The founders targeted highly influential communities, high profile people and the most popular communities within campuses. This helped the app gain traction fast.

  • 5 Launch parties

    The Tinder team created launch parties in campuses and the only requirement to get into the party was to have tinder installed on the phone.

  • 6 Direct presentations

    Tinder's team created face to face group presentations, mostly for female based social groups, to help the app gain traction.

  • 7 Focused on organic growth

    Tinder's team focused on organic growth to make sure the right people are using the App instead of random people.

  • 8 City by City launch parties

    Tinder's team shifted to City by City launch parties in 2013. The parties were held in exclusive night clubs.

  • 9 Word of mouth

    Unlike other dating apps, people feel more comfortable talking about Tinder and sharing it with friends. As a result, the initial user base, which came from campuses, spread fast to include users outside the campuses.

  • 10 The app was highly addictive

    Because the app was highly addictive, the users who used it remained with it and even recommended it to their friends and relatives. See what makes Tinder addictive.

  • 11 Short learning curve

    The App's short learning curve led to an increased rate of adoption among new generations who have lower attention spans.