How did Twitter start?

    How did Twitter start?

  • 1 Jack Dorsey was fond of messaging

    Jack Dorsey, one of twitter's co-founders and the one who is believed to have come up with the idea, was passionate about messaging. Since his early career, he was excited about messaging systems and how they could be used to reach people. See finding your passion.

  • 2 The company Odeo faced serious competition from Apple

    The company Odeo, which employed Jack dorsey and was founded by Evan Williams and Biz Stone, had a podcasting platform. Apple announced that iTunes will ship with Podcasting software. This caused serious pressure on Odeo and they decided to do something else.

  • 3 Dorsey introduced the idea of Twitter

    Jack Dorsey introduced the idea of sending one message to a large number of people at once. They originally called the project 'status' but after looking it up in the dictionary it was changed to 'twttr' then later to 'twitter' (See how to choose a name of your website).

  • 4 Odeo shareholders didn't like the idea

    Odeo Shareholders didn't like the idea, so Evan Williams emailed the shareholders telling them that he wants to buy back the whole company.

  • 5 Twitter was spun off into its own company

    Biz Stone and Evan Williams formed 'Obvious Corporation' with other members from Odeo. They then bought out Odeo from the investors and other shareholders. In April of 2007, Twitter became a standalone company.

  • 6 Twitter grew fast after SxSW

    The turning point in twitter's history was the SxSW event where the team used plasma screens to display tweets made by other users. Twitter users instantly jumped to 20,000 and this was the moment when twitter starting getting popular.