What does getting a filler injection feel like

    What does getting a filler injection feel like

  • 1 Needle pinch

    In some cases, the pinch of the needle can be felt as it's injected through the skin.

  • 2 Slight discomfort

    During the process, a person can experience slight discomfort at the sight of the needle or as he feels it penetrating his skin. See how dermal fillers work.

  • 3 Slight pain

    Some people reported feeling slight to moderate pain during the injection process. The pain differs depending on the injected area.

  • 4 Little blood

    In some cases, very little blood can be seen in the form of tiny spots near the injected area. The blood isn't enough to cause panic or discomfort for most people.

  • 5 Multiple needle spots

    During the process, you will get injected in different spots in the affected area. The same feeling will be felt again with each new spot.

  • 6 The mirror can cause discomfort

    In some cases, a person might be asked to look into a mirror to determine the part that needs further injections. Looking at the mirror and seeing the needle penetrating the skin can be uncomfortable to many people. See the difference between Botox and dermal fillers.

  • 7 Inflammation

    After the injection inflammation usually happens in the affected area. The inflamed part hardly hurts on its own.

  • 8 Touching the area hurts

    A slight to moderate pain can be felt when the inflamed area is touched, depending on the amount of pressure applied.

  • 9 Bulging skin

    When a person touches the inflamed area it will feel like a part of his skin is bulging out. This feeling goes away in a few days as the inflammation eases.

  • 10 Needles hurt less

    Because the needles used for injections are usually thin, the pain felt is usually much less than that of a normal needle.

  • 11 Lip injections can hurt more

    Because the lips are a very sensitive part of the face, injections in the lips could hurt more.