How does harvard select students

    How does harvard select students

  • 1 People who have potential

    Harvard University tries to pick the people who have good potential so that they give the school a more prestigious reputation when they succeed later on.

  • 2 People who inspire others

    According to their site, Harvard University looks for students who can inspire other students and people. See also why Harvard is so prestigious.

  • 3 Intellectual students

    According to their site, Harvard University looks for intellectual individuals who have passion about certain interests or preferably diverse intellectual interests.

  • 4 A social person

    Harvard university looks for students who can communicate and connect freely with other students. One of their important goals is accepting a student that will benefit other students.

  • 5 A doer

    Harvard University looks for students who apply what they learn in real life and who stretch themselves to reach new goals and objectives. They look for a person who can use the knowledge he will get to get something done.

  • 6 Self-motivated

    Harvard University looks for self-motivated people who have an internal desire and passion to achieve certain goals and who want education to help themselves with these goals.

  • 7 A flexible person

    Harvard University looks for flexible people who have the capacity to learn, the desire to explore and enough tolerance to adapt to new situations. They also look for people who are open to new ideas and people.

  • 8 Someone who can create value

    Harvard selects students who can create value in the world when they start their careers. If a person seems like he can do so he might get selected.

  • 9 People who contribute to the community

    Harvard looks for students who can help the community they are in. They look for students who can help the community grow as they understand that the whole community can either go up or down as a result of the selection of certain people.

  • 10 Past achievements

    As Harvard cares about students who can make future achievements, it might look for past achievements to predict how well a person will do in the future.

  • 11 Above average students

    Harvard doesn't for the average person who will end up like the majority. They look for special people with special talents or ones who can become special after getting the right education.