How does it feel like to be beautiful

  • 1 You assume that people like you

    Beautiful people get lots of attention from the opposite sex until they automatically start to assume that people will like them. It's not uncommon for an attractive person to believe that others want to approach them because of their looks.

  • 2 Lots of unwanted attention

    Beautiful people get lots of unwanted attention, especially from strangers. Many people approach beautiful ones, especially if they are females, and try to start a conversation.

  • 3 You feel that people objectify you

    Beautiful women might feel that men treat them as objects. They might think that men only want them because of how they look and not because of who they are.

  • 4 You might try to appear less attractive

    A beautiful person might try to seem less attractive in some occasions in order not to attract unwanted attention. A beautiful person might even feel sorry for those who like them if they are not interested in them.

  • 5 You might become a narcissist

    Excessive praise can turn some people into narcissists. Because beautiful people get lots of attention and praise, some of them might turn into narcissists. Those people might feel that they are special, unique and even superior to others. See what makes a person become narcissistic.

  • 6 People keep doing you favors

    Overly attractive people keep getting help and support from others even when they don't ask for it. People will keep doing you favors when you are very attractive. 

  • 7 You try not to flirt with others

    Many attractive people keep watching their words and tone of voice in order not to seem like the are flirting with others. Attractive people do so in order not to attract people to them.

  • 8 People get very jealous of you

    People of the opposite sex might get very jealous of you. Some people might actually avoid you because of that, including some of your friends. Your friends might fear introducing you to their spouses.

  • 9 Proper attention raises confidence

    An attractive person gets a self-esteem boost when they get attention from the ones they are interested in. The constant attention attractive people get feeds their self-confidence.

  • 10 You get lots of eye contact

    Attractive people get lots of eye contact, and in many cases, they notice that others are looking at them or watching from a distance.

  • 11 People might consider you shallow

    Some people might consider beautiful ones shallow, superficial or even unintelligent. This is especially true for blonds because of the common stereotypes about them.

  • 12 You get lots of compliments

    Attractive people get lots of compliments on their looks. Attractive people get lots of compliments in general but most of the compliments they get are about their looks.

  • 13 You worry a lot about your appearance

    Attractive people worry a lot about becoming less attractive or about aging. Attractive people know that one of their big assets is their looks so they sometimes worry about becoming less attractive.

  • 14 You get free stuff

    Attractive people usually get free stuff. They are given a better service and usually get much more help than less attractive ones.