How does it feel like to be bullied

  • 1 You feel helpless

    When you get bullied, you will feel totally helpless due to realizing that the bully is stronger than you and that there is no way to fight back. This helplessness in turn can lead to further bullying.

  • 2 You will have fantasies of strength

    When a person gets bullied often, they will usually have fantasies about being strong and powerful. The bullied person will usually daydream about beating the bully or becoming strong enough to stop them.

  • 3 You will hate the bully

    Bullied people hate the ones who bully them the most. For a bullied person, the bully is usually the most hated figure in their lives. 

  • 4 You feel scared

    The person who gets bullied often will usually fear the bully and avoid them. The bullying victim will also keep wishing that the bully does nothing bad to them. The bullying victim will always feel bad around the bully.

  • 5 You feel anxious

    The bullying victim will feel anxious most of the time because of expecting the bully to do something bad to them. The victim always remains in an alert state as long as the bully is around.

  • 6 You feel weak

    The victim of bullying usually feels weak compared to the bully and this is what leads to fantasies about strength and power.

  • 7 You develop low self-esteem

    Bullying lowers self-esteem and makes the person feel bad about themselves. Totally loss of self confidence can happen if the bullying was severe and if it was done by a large number of people.

  • 8 Getting many hopeful thoughts

    The victim of bullying will keep getting many hopeful thoughts like imagining that something bad happens to the bully or that someone will show up and stop the bully.

  • 9 You avoid getting noticied

    Bullying victims usually do their best to avoid getting noticed by their bullies. This can lead to social withdrawal and the avoidance of many social activities.

  • 10 You feel humiliated

    For a bullying victim, being bullied in the presence of others is considered a very humiliating experience. Bullied victims always feel humiliated and disrespected.

  • 11 Lots of sadness

    Bullying victims experience a lot of sadness as a result of what happens to them. This sadness can turn into depression and the victim can even get suicidal thoughts.

  • 12 You get paranoid

    Bullied victims might become paranoid as a result of bullying. They might fear people in general, including the ones who don't bully them, in order to avoid being bullied by a new person.

  • 13 You get angry

    A bullying victim gets angry. However, this anger is usually directed to the inside and not to the outside and this is why it causes so much emotional damage to the bullied person.