How does it feel like to be color blind

    How does it feel like to be color blind

  • 1 It depends on the degree of color blindness

    Color blindness has many degrees. What a person sees is completely dependent on the degree of his color blindness. Most color blind people see a colored world. A very rare percentage of people have complete color blindness.

  • 2 They can't differentiate between some colors

    Color blind people can have trouble telling the difference between certain colors or certain shades of colors. If a crayon box has 24 colors for example a color blind person might only see 12 colors of different shades.

  • 3 Not being able to distinct some colors

    Color blind people sometimes fail to determine what a certain color is. In such a case they might see different shades of grey , black or another color while in reality the color might be red or green for example.

  • 4 Different variations of some colors look the same

    Color blind people can hardly tell the difference between certain variations of the same colors.

  • 5 Some colors appear as other ones

    Many color blind people see some colors differently. For example they can see grey instead of green or yellow instead of orange.

  • 6 black is seen clearly

    Most color blind people see black clearly. 

  • 7 Some see a less bright world

    Many color blind people see many colors in a pale way. This results in seeing a paler world.

  • 8 Some see a greyish world

    Some color blind people see green and some other colors as different variations of grey. Those people might see a bit of a greyish world.

  • 9 Red and green can be seen as the same color

    A popular form of color blindness lets people see Red and Green as a similar color which has nothing to do with both colors.

  • 10 Not recognizing traffic signs

    Many color blind people ,depending on the severity of their color blindness, can't tell the difference between the red and the green in the traffic lights.

  • 11 They see less colors

    Color blind people usually see less colors as many colors look to them like a variation of a certain color. Color blind people see a less colorful world.