How does it feel like to be tased

    How does it feel like to be tased

  • 1 You lose muscle function

    The electrical signals transmitted by the taser mimics the electrical impulses controlling muscle function. As soon as the body gets mixed signals, muscle functions are completely lost.

  • 2 Extreme pain

    According to account of people who were tased, the process is extremely painful and the pain far exceeds many of the painful experiences you might have been through.

  • 3 Similar to an electric shock

    Some people who got tasered described it as an experience that is similar to an electric shock but with intense, and sometimes unbearable pain.

  • 4 It seems to last too long

    Many of the people who got tased said that the 5 seconds of tasing seemed like a very long period of time. 

  • 5 The pain goes away instantly

    As soon as the tasing stops, the pain goes away almost immediately with no residual pain. Many described it as an instant pain disappearance.

  • 6 Tense muscles

    Some people described the process as a muscle ache that results from the muscles being extremely tense. Some others described it as painful muscle cramps. The muscles feel like they became extremely rigid after the probes hit the body.

  • 7 Some didn't find it painful

    Some didn't find the process that painful. They said that the muscle cramps are not painful, but it's just how the brains of some people interpret it.

  • 8 You feel helpless

    Some people said that the experience causes a lot of panic because of the total loss of control over the body. Those people said that while your mind works normally, it still fails to control any muscle.

  • 9 You remain conscious

    Most of the people who went through the experience said that they remained conscious during it. Sometimes a person might become unconscious as result of falling while being tased.