How does it feel like to get shot

    How does it feel like to get shot

  • 1 The impact feels like a sledgehammer

    A Marine Veteran who was shot in Afghanistan said that the initial impact feels like getting hit with a sledgehammer.

  • 2 A force pushing you back

    A survivor who was shot in the chest explained that it felt like being pushed back with a very powerful force. He was pushed back few feet according to his story.

  • 3 Numbness in the first seconds

    Many people , who survived being shot, reported feeling numbness as soon as they got shot. They said that the pain becomes irrelevant compared to the event itself. Shortly many people started experiencing pain.

  • 4 Some pepole don't notice it right away

    Some People who have been shot said that you won't notice it right away and usually you will notice it when you see the blood.

  • 5 Feeling pain after few seconds

    Some people reported feeling the pain of the shot after 20 seconds probably after the initial shock phase where a person feels numb.

  • 6 Feeling the heat of the bullet

    A man who got shot described how a person feels the heat of the bullet as it pierces the body while it's very hot.

  • 7 Feeling the hot blood

    The blood coming out of the body is warm. People Feel the warm blood covering them as it oozes out through the wound. See also how it feels like to die Drowning.

  • 8 Intense panic

    People who got shot described how intense the panic they felt when they realized they got shot especially when they saw the blood coming out.

  • 9 Things happen in slow motion

    Right after being shot and realizing what happened some people reported seeing everything in slow motion for sometime.

  • 10 Losing consciousness

    Many people lose consciousness or pass out sometime after getting shot. 

  • 11 Loss of body functions

    Depending on the place of the shot people start to lose some of their body functions such as the ability to walk or move their hand until they are treated. See also do people remain conscious after decapitation.