How Google started?

    How Google started?

  • 1 Both Larry page and Sergey Brin were studying at standford

    The two founders Larry page and Sergey Brin met each other at Stanford university where they were doing their PHD.

  • 2 Larry was studying the linking structure of the Web

    Larry was studying the linking structure of the web and the relationship between internet pages. He went on to find out how pages link together and the relationship between those pages.

  • 3 Larry believed there is a better way to rank search engine results

    Larry believed that by giving pages ranks based on the links coming to them search engines can return more accurate results. Larry started working on his new search engine, which was called backRub, in reference to the fact that back links determine the rank of a page.

  • 4 Brin joined Page to create the Page rank algorithm

    Sergey Brin joined larry page to create the Page rank algorithm which used the back links a page has to measure its importance compared to other pages.

  • 5 The search engine ran on Stanford's server

    The search engine they developed originally ran on stanford server and used the domain name

  • 6 Google was originally called Googol

    Google was originally called Googol but when both founders got an investment check worth 100,000 with the name Google written on it they had to call the company Google to be able to deposit the check.

  • 7 Both founders attempted to sell the idea for 1 million

    Both founders attempted to sell their Idea to, one of the largest search engines back then, but the offer was turned down (See how Excite started).

  • 8 Google was Incorporated in California in September 1998

    in September 1998 Google was Incorporated in California. The founder deposited the 100,000 cheque they Got and moved the company to a garage.

  • 9 Google hires its first employee

    In september 2008 Google hired Craig Silverstein its first employee. Craig studied computer science at Stanford as well.

  • 10 Google started getting coverage as the most accurate search engine

    Google Started getting good press coverage as it was delivering more accurate results than all existing search engines. In 1998 PC magazine wrote an article saying that Google delivers extremely accurate results.

  • 11 1999 Google moved out of the Garage

    In 1999 Google grew enough to move out of the Garage. It had 8 employees and moved to an office in Palo Alto.

  • 12 Google moves again to its final destination

    After outgrowing its offices Google moved again, this time to mountain view where its main office still lies today.

  • 13 In June 1999 Google got 25 million of fundung

    In June 1999 Google got 25 Million dollars of funding from Sequoia Capital. They announced the news in a press release.

  • 14 Google Started making money from Ads

    The Google team decided to display relevant text ads when a user makes a query in attempt to generate cash. The plan was executed successfully and Google started making money.